Marx Lancer

This was going to be a interesting journey. I don't think I've ever worked with Carrissa or Lara before, and even though apparently Carrissa wanted to join; I was beginning to suspect that the guild master put her up to this.  That's fine I suppose in the end she still came. It would interesting to see if the rumors are true about Apocalypse. That she truly was unrivalled master with that scythe. That she had an ability that could take magical energy and fire it back at her opponent.  I would be interested in seeing how that worked. I had known Carrisa for years going to the same guild, but I would never say that we had been the closest of  friends; maybe acquaintances or maybe just fellow guild members. It didn't matter I regarded everyone in the guild as friends even if we hardly spoke. However for Nightshade I would say we were closer friends. I would often Visit her shop and let know how things were going. She seemed to be some of the few that didn't really care about the instability of my magic, or how much I destroyed. I quite enjoyed talking to her. However it seemed Carrissa wasn't the talking type I kind of pitied her having the two us trying to chat her ear off.  At the same time might be fun. We were reaching the outskirts of town now mountains coming into view. My smile grew on my face.

"Awe yeah. Let another sweet adventure begin!" I yell at the top of my lungs jumping from the dusty trail onto a rock. Carrisa looked fairly unimpressed as Lara laughed a little," so you all know what's up with mission so I'm gonna spare a long winded irritating breakdown. But I just want to get a few things off my chest.  First of all if we end up in combat get far away from me. Two thanks for coming with me. And three lets just have fun. Yes we owe it to follow the mission through but there's no point if your not having fun. Am I right?"

"Yeah. Lancer can we get a move on now?" Carrissa said looking off in the distance.

"Yeah sure. Okay." I said jumping off the rock. Yup this was sure gonna be different.

"So Lara what had you inside for 18 days?" I asked.

" Oh multiple projects, games, art. The usual. What about you? What have you been up to?" She asked.

" to be honest it's all a blur. Last week I was out on a mission with Dan we were dealing with finding a stolen item and a fight broke out. Things got out of hand but everyone was fine. Except the buildings........ I spent the entire mission pay for repairs, but it was fun. And the stolen item was an ancient book. I tried to read it but it was written in some language I couldn't read which was too bad. They said that if the script can be read the reader can gain knowledge of very powerful magic."

"Wouldn't it be better if you didn't come into contact with stronger magic? You should be focusing on learning to control your current magic." Lara said.

"AHHH.... Yes but I think you can understand that its hard not to be interested in new kinds of magic or things. I'm just fascinated how it all works and how different spells effect us. Sometimes I also find that reading up on other types of magic can give me insight on how to control my own. Plus I have gotten better." I said.

Carrisa was ahead of us a little ways now determined to get this done as soon as possible. I was somehow hoping to get to know her better, but I also didn't want to push her. She didn't seem like the type you pushed. So I took a more round about option. Motioning to Lara that we should catch up to her.  I started talking again.

"So what do you think the odd happenings are?" I asked.

"I don't know." She said quickly," We'll probably find out when we get to the next town and on to the train and reach Cirras."

" Could be ghosts?" Lara piped up.

"That would be kinda of spooky, and a bit of pain would have to do all these rituals. I hate ritual casting way to much concentration.  I think it could be a curse. Which would mean a powerful wizard could be behind it..."

"Take the wizard down." Carrissa finished.

"Yeah of course. And maybe while fighting he or she we could learn something about their ability."

"Oh but what if it's a dark wizard guild?" Lara asked.

" Guess the same thing eh?" I said fantasizing about taking on a strong dark wizard.

"Probably that's assuming that that dark guild found messing with an old monastery had any value." Carrisa said.

"You never know." Lara said.

That ended the conversation we started to focusing on the trek ahead there was a bit of a mountain pass to get past. It should be easy though it was well looked after and a good season with excellent weather. It was alright though the view of the meadow within the valley with the river was a sight truly worth enjoying quietly.  The fellow travelers we passed by kept to themselves. We had managed to the other side of the mountain pass safely and the next town was within view. The plan was to camp outside of the town for the night then catch the train in the morning. However the closer we made it into the town something was very off with the town. The people seemed half awake stumbling around not aware of their surroundings. The town center where a statue of an angel was supposed to be had disappeared. With evidence of a battle having taken place.  We had shot each other a couple of ideas but none of them truly explaining the mystery. Especially because normally in the town something had stopped magic being performed. Now it seemed everyone was under a spell or was cursed.

"We should visit lord of the town. We might get more there." Carrissa said

"Or we might get more of this. None of them seem to know we're even here."

"It's still worth a try Lancer." She spat.

"didn't mean to say it was bad idea." I mumbled following her lead.

The lords place was an immaculate stone building with shining red banners stitched with the family coat of arms on the front. Several guards were at their station snoring and could not be woken. The front doors seemed sealed shut by magic.

"Stand back I have an Idea." I said placing my hand on the door. Light formed around my arm causing it to glow," Warforge's battering ram!" I yelled. A blinding light over took me and I felt myself being propelled backwards through the air but managed to land and slide on my two feet. Dust filled the air making it impossible to look at my handiwork.

"Lancer the hell did you do!" Carrissa's voice cut through the dust


"I hope your intent wasn't to fill our lungs with dust!" She retorted.

"I think he broke the seal!" Lara called out, " Come on in!"

The End

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