Making the Master ProudMature

Carissa Blackthorn.

I frown, looking away from the jobs board, disappointed in the members for not truly fighting. From the noise by the bar, I am sure that no one will have to wait long until something else gets destroyed and magic fills the guild. Literally. I swirl my drink around in the goblet, causing a small tornado to form, as I stare into the rich alcohol.

“Hel-lo beautiful.”

Taking my gaze away from the liquid, my eyes stare blankly at the blue haired man in front of me. I raise an eyebrow, my face dead pan as I slowly drink the rest of my beer. I glare slightly but Peter just flashes me the cocky smile of his, moving closer, leaning his arms against the table his eyes sparkle mischievously in my direction. The strong smell of alcohol assaults my nose.

“What shall we do about this connection?” The words whisper from his lips like some slurred secret. My hand tightens around my scythe, knuckles going white, as I grit my teeth tightly.

His smile expands as he moves closer still, making me extremely aware of his magical energy invading my personal drinking space. With sad eyes I look down at my empty goblet, thinking about happier times like five minutes ago when I was drinking and Peter was far far away from me.

“Maybe we should just get it over with and you come back to mine right now.” I glare at him, breathing deeply. I stiffen my body as the shadows softly stroke my cheek. “Babe, you even make my shadows want to play. One amazing night at mine, then you will be able to control them.”

Resisting the urge to shudder, I calm myself, loosening the grip on my scythe as I try to ignore the instinct to absorb his magical energy and send it straight back at the always drunk mess that is Peter Smyth. “We would need to have a connection. We don’t. Go away.”

“Trust me, we’ll have a connection alright.” He slurs, reaching out for me.

Before he can blink, I stand emotionless in front of him, my scythe pressed up to his neck. My left eye is exposed, making Peter gulp at the intensity of its red gaze, even through his drunken state.

Feeling a strong energy near me, I stop myself from cutting the drunk fool, knowing the owner of that energy would be far from happy if I actually did it. “Care, what did I just say?” The booming voice of Master Juxon questions, drinking the last remains in his large golden goblet.

“You said not to use our powers against our fellow guild members. I’m not, I’m using my scythe.” Feeling the stern gaze of the Master’s yellow eyes burns into my back as I slowly put my weapon back into its holder. “I wasn’t going to cut him that bad. Just scare him.” I grumble, lifting the drunken Peter and throwing him back towards the bar.

Turning slowly towards the Master, my heart drops slightly when I see the firm frown on his lips. He takes a few steps closer to me, setting down his goblet and messing up my hair like he used to when I was a little kid. “I told you that you aren’t going to have many friends if you keep threatening.” A small glint is in his eyes, softening his face, as we both remember the vast amounts of conversations that we have had over the years that started with that sentence.

Pushing his hand away playfully, a small smile stretches my lips but is soon gone. “I have a friend.” Ignoring the amused doubt in the Master’s eyes, I scan the guild for proof. Lazily, my finger points at Marx Lancer who seems to be failing to convince people to join him on a job. No surprise there.

“That’s good then, I’m glad.” I smile up at the father I never had, my body relaxing knowing that he is proud of me, even though I have rarely said two words to the Lancer guy. “Hey Marx, Carissa will go with you on the mission!”

My body tenses as Lancer turns with a slight questioning look which is quickly shrugged off and replaced with a goofy smile.  “Awesome!” I can feel his happiness from here as he walks over to the Master and I.

Master Juxon smiles down at me, squeezing my shoulders again. “As you two are such good friends, I thought you wouldn’t mind helping out a friend.” With a booming laugh, the Master leaves us as he heads towards his office. I watch him leave, my mind racing to think of a way out of it but finding none.

Turning back to Lancer and his goofy smile and his playful eyes, I exhale softly, rolling my eyes. Snatching the job request out of his hand, I read it and start walking, throwing it back over my shoulder to him when I’m done.

I stop when I get the guild hall entrance, casting my eyes back at the famous  Voracious Destroyer and tying my hair into a tight bun. “Well get a move on then Lancer, I’m not waiting all day.”

The End

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