Marx Lancer The Voracious DestroyerMature

Marx Lancer

"You gotta be kidding me Marx!?" Dan said.

"but I got to it first." I said cheekily holding a paper from the jobs board out of his reach teasingly.

"Seriously Marx. I told you about it I saw it first come on!" Dan said starting to get frustrated.

"We can work together we haven't worked together in a while." I said handing him the paper. We were Sitting down in my usual spot in the guild hall close to the job board near the middle. Some others joined us giving a brief hello before returning to their conversations with their respective party.

"The last time we worked together you nearly got my arm disintegrated, and the time before that I thought you were going to destroy the entire village." He said before taking a healthy gulp of his drink.

"Ah that was a while ago." I said jovially patting his shoulder. He spat is drink  onto the table.

"That was last week!"

"Oh really? Man it felt so long ago. Come on you have to admit I'm getting better.  We make a good team." I said still smiling.

"By better you mean coming from destroying a town to not destroying a small village yes you've improved but it's terrifying working with a guy who tends to over do it or has a power that has great destructive potential but can't control it fully..."

"I haven't killed anyone. though." I cut in.

"Some would say that is unreasonably lucky."

"You still haven't said no."

"Fine then. No."


"Yes, I would like this weeks mission to go a little lack luster you know what I mean?"  Dan said with a smile.

" Okay, okay. Fair enough.  I will find another mission. I will be right back." Leaving the table. 

I hated being known as the voracious destroyer I didn't go around destroying things because I wanted to. It just kinda happened. It was like living in a world were everything was made of paper and you had to move as little as possible to avoid destroying everything. Another thing was that people feared me so much that I had to start applying for missions under a fake name, but it wasn't always fear. Sometimes it was admiration too. Mostly from the guild members and fellow wizards. Either way it wasn't a title I held happily.  The board was filled with missions today it was hard to sift through it all. I wanted something that said adventure all over it. Also something that paid well enough to get me by for a while.

"Adventure where are you?" I mutter to myself flicking through a pile of missions till I found a bit of a neglected one it was printed on old yellow parchment paper and had been crinkled several times. I couldn't help reading it.

Looking for a wizard to investigate old monastery odd happenings. If interested send message to Olaf in the town of Cirras address on the back.

Sounds interesting. I wonder if the mission has been done yet? I wondered. the age of the paper was possibly as old as my membership.  Which was at least 10 years now.

"Hey you going to stand there all day?" A harsh voice I hadn't heard before said.

"It could be a possibility." I said sarcastically, turning towards the voice to meet a boy about six feet tall with brown eyes and a nasty scar running down his left arm that he left unclothed unlike his right.

"perhaps its better I helped you move then?" He threatened. Huh this guy must not know who I am. I didn't often get provoked by anyone.

"Hey buddy look I don't know what's your problem or why as a newcomer you've got this huge amount of self entitlement; but if your going to fit in around here its better to know we all treat each other with respect even if we don't particularly like another member." I said with a smile, " Anyways the names Ma.."

"Problem? if you would shut up and move their wouldn't be a problem." He raised his voice. Which hit a bit of a nerve who let this jerk in here?

"Huh. I guess you must be pretty stupid. Seeing that there is entire job board here but you only notice the small bit that I happen to standing by." I said.

"What you call me?"

"Oh don't worry about it buddy. I'm sure you get called it a lot." I said turning my back to him.  A stupid mistake I was sent flying into the job board.

"I don't think you know who I am."The boy started, but I had just about enough of this guy pushing me around. 

I grabbed him with my left hand and threw him into the board while my right materialized an orb of orange light.  The boy didn't look impressed and I found myself flying backwards into the guild hall. Suddenly it was instincts I wasn't even thinking of the implication as I aimed the orange orb of light at him and let it go. There was a blinding light followed by a blast of wind sending the guild hall into disarray as the board had a new burnt, holey look to it.  The boy had ignored the attack and had started running towards me his hands aiming something at me. Before that could happen though there was suddenly several images of me surrounding him all wielding a blade of orange light.

"Marx what the hell are you doing?" Voices started spilling out over the hall. One of my clones was hit over the head with a chair and soon the whole place was a brawl.

"Any excuse to fight!" I thought coming at the boy making the blade disappear before slugging him really good in the face.

"You idiot!" someone growled picking me up off my feet and throwing me over the crowd of raging wizards.

"That's enough!" A fierce voiced boomed over the hall as we were all sent to the ground. It was guild master Juxon," Marx you know better than to be provoked and should even know better not to use your abilities on other members of this guild. I hope I don't need to say anymore."

" No sir." I say quickly.

"The rest of you, I'm sure can at least for a day restrain from beating each other over the head. There is more then enough missions to pour that kind of energy into. If you really need to prove your skills to another member hold an official match so we can all watch without worrying about our drinks being spoiled. Got it?"

A collected yes sir confirmed that; which was then followed by a quick cleanup. Juxon was getting out of his seat when I remembered that I wanted ask him about the mission.

"Hey sir. I saw this mission and I was wondering if it's still open?"
 I said handing him the paper.  His eyes quickly glanced over it.

" I would think so. You should still contact them to make sure though. Where did you find this?" He said with some concern.

"near the  back of the board it looks like its been neglected too long." I said.

"Indeed. I'd recommend not going alone Marx."

"Any reason sir?"

"None that I will concern you with. Just a recommendation."

"Thank sir."

"Take care Marx."

I looked back into the hall seeing a sea of faces already forgetting the brawl that happened just a few moments ago. Who would want to come with me on this mission?

The End

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