A Normal Day for Apocalypse of The Supernova Guild.Mature

Carissa Blackthorn.

Skidding around another tight corner in the sandy corridor, ten broadswords come flying towards my body, causing me to throw myself up in the air as the razor sharp blades scarcely skim my flesh.

My bare feet hit the ground with a light thud, my heart frantically pumping blood around my veins, my breathing fast. I push myself along, spinning my trusty scythe in front of my body as I pivot, deflecting the multiple bullets shot out of the walls.

I pick up speed, pushing off the right sand coated wall, running along it until my eyes latch onto an opening in the corridor ceiling. With a leap, I push my body through the gap and land in a battle stance, my feet either side of the hole I just jumped through.

The scorching sun blazes down on me as I stand my ground, observing my surroundings, heightening my senses, waiting for the inevitable attack. Hot sweat runs down my drying skin, stinging my eyes and damping my hair but still, I stand my ground.

With a large intake of oxygen, I can feel my body start to vibrate, humming with magical energy.

Jumping to my left, I swing my scythe over my head, bringing it harshly down, the sharp blade glistening in the sunlight as it bites into one of my attackers shoulders, causing him to scream as I tear my weapon from his wound, causing his blood to splatter onto my steaming skin which briefly cools it down in this godforsaken heat.

Running forward and using the bloodied masked attacker as a spring board, I push from him with my feet, forcing more blood to escape his wound and a pained moan to escape his throat, as I leapt high into the sky.

Taking another deep breath, I can feel my body absorbing even more magical energy as fifty more masked attackers leap into the sky with me.

With a smile on my face, I place my scythe securely in its holder on my back whilst curling my body into a tight ball. I start to spin as the energy increases inside of me. As my attackers get closer, I straighten my limbs, feeling the magical energy bursting out from my body. As the energy collides into my opponents, the light cocoons itself around them and explodes, sending fifty bodies out in different directions before landing in the sand, as my feet lightly touch the ground.   

Panting hard with my magic drained, I cast my gaze around, seeing destruction all around me from my last attack. With a shrug my shoulders, I tie my hair up into a high ponytail and turn my back on the scene I just created. With two taps of my scythe on a large purple rock with my guild mark on it, my surroundings instantly start to shift and shimmer, before restoring the room back to its usual white walls.

“Mission number 501 in extreme heat successful. Training over.” A low, robotic, voice whispers as I walk out of the Simulation Room with a slightly smug smile pulling on my lips.

It’s been a while since I have trained in Artic conditions, I guess I’ll do that tomorrow to keep me on my toes.

Passing through the gym, I see many of my fellow members of The Supernova Guild training mostly together against various magic filled obstacles and dummies. Some of the members are lifting weights whilst others are working on their combat skills, the gym is filled with the sound of people working out and laughing. These are members of The Supernova Guild after all. After unwrapping my towel, I ignore them all and strip into my clothes which were wrapped inside.



Lightly spinning  my scythe between my fingers, my eyes scan the large guild hall from my booth in the corner. With my bare feet resting on the wooden table, I can see everything that happens in the guild hall without having to move. I can see people coming and going, a few members heatedly arguing by the jobs board, and the bar with all who are leaning against it laughing and drinking. I can also see the Elites quarters up the stairs with Master Juxon smiling down at his guild with a beer in his hand and some of its foam leaving traces in his thick beard.

When his yellow eyes reach mine, I hold my beer up to him as he nods his head down to me, both of us drinking the rest of the warm liquid in our goblets.  

A loud crash and the release of magical energy distracts me, bringing my attention back to the jobs board where two mages now they are fighting, completely destroyed the board. A smile tugs at my lips as I signal for another beer. My hair drops past my shoulders and over my left eye as I take it out of the long ponytail. Relaxing back into the soft cushions of my booth, I watch the show as my goblet is refilled.

Now this should be interesting.

The End

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