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This world, Ether, is a place filled with magic and wonders. With this magic come good and evil, both sides have created Guilds to strengthen their abilities and achieve their dreams.
We follow The Supernova Guild, with large member numbers there are many individual mages with various different magic. Many team up to conquer quests and defeat bad guys, but some go solo. Advanced-Class (a.k.a. Elites) are the most powerful mages and thus receive the most demanding quests from the jobs board.


The Supernova Guild Mark: One large star with four trails with a series of smaller stars around and connected to it, getting smaller the further away from the largest star. It is created with a Wizards’ Stamp and so has magic in the ink which makes the mark move just like a supernova, the more magic a mage has the more it moves, it can be any colour and can be on any part of the body.

The Supernova Guild.

The guild is enclosed in a small forest atop of a large hill overlooking the town, Aile (means family in Turkish) below. A river is nearby which leads into a hit springs on the north of the forest and a lake on the east. The Guild is over three stories high and always has a welcoming aura. The town below are massive supporters of the guild and love to watch the guild fighting, working together and participating in the yearly town festival dedicated to the First Master, Aurora, who defeated many monsters therefore freeing the town forever as it lives in peace from evil.

The guild hall is large with many tables and a large bar to the left. On each story, there is a bar. The second story is for the Elites only where some of their studies are, the rest are on the third floor and the Master’s study is on the fourth floor and takes most of it up. The infirmary is through the back right side of the guild and through the left is the gym, track and training rooms/fields.

The guild has been in existence for one thousand years, and although it is younger than most guilds, it is largely respected and talked about due to their strong and loyal mages.


Main Characters Information.

Name: Carissa Blackthorn a.k.a. Apocalypse (author = H.C.Chapman).

Age: 19.

Appearance: Long, wavy, raven black hair; one strip electric blue and the other electric red. Her left eye is bright blue whilst the left is dark red and is usually hidden under her hair. Carissa is slender but muscular, standing at 5”7. Carissa's scythe, her weapon of choice, is secured onto her back, easily reachable if needed. Her Guild mark is on the back of her neck in dark blue ink. When her magical energy is being used, it -like with every member of Supernova- causes the guild mark to move. 

Personality: Easily angered and likes to distance herself from others, she is usually found training at the Guilds’ gym or sitting in the shadows, drinking a few beers. She rarely asks for help but always one of the first to volunteer to help others but can be seen as sullen. She never knew her family, and joined the guild when she was young, so she sees the guild as her family. She also sees Master Juxon as a father figure.

Ability: Explosive Mimic Magic = Absorbing magical energy, other mages magical abilities mix with her cells which can make her able to mimic their powers by slightly altering it but as this is difficult for her to do, it is rare unless she feels a strong connection for someone. As well as absorbing magical energy, Carissa can expel the energy which is highly destructive to all around hence giving her the name Apocalypse.

Fighting Style: Clarissa usually takes on the close distance combat but can attack from anywhere. She likes to mix up her fighting skills between hand to hand combat and using her magic. She mostly uses her magic to sense when attacks are coming as the opponents magical energy will increase around them when fighting with others. She likes using her scythe as it is an extra challenge. If she is in a team, she tries to limit her use of magical attacks as she is destructive and as she rarely fights with others, she doesn't know if she can make sure they are safe from her attacks as well (something to work on with the team). She is fast and agile and always takes in her surroundings. She normally fights rationally but as she has a short temper, she can go a bit too far with her opponents.


Name: Marx Lancer A.K.A The Voracious Destroyer/as well as Shard (author: chimerakiller2).

Age: 21

Appearance: Glacier blue eyes, normally clean shave on the occasion kind of scruffy. Dark blond hair and stands at 6 feet tall. Is broad shouldered imposing, and well muscled. Wears a friendly smile all the time on his face. Usually wears a worn and torn sash around his waist and his trade mark green cloak when traveling. His guild mark is located on his left shoulder blade. On his right hand their is a black tattoo of the number 15 outlined in flames.

Personality: Is a goofball doesn't take much seriously except his title. Which bothers him because he isn't a scary monster that is a force of destruction. Well he doesn't mean to. That's why he normally applies for missions under Shard a false name. All though a goofball Marx has another side of him. He is not what people would call a slacker he is an adept student and self applied learner and cares deeply about those close to him; when the situation forces him to be serious he truly becomes the title that he was given. He likes being around people although he doesn't often share what is on his mind. he doesn't care to be in charge most of the time but people always seem to look up to him. Is usually found everywhere in the guild training, reading, guild hall enjoying drinks with others. Is generally humble and doesn't see himself above anyone. On his spare time he looks for his younger brother that went missing when he was 9 years old.

Ability: Hardlight creation: he can create images, blasts of cold or warm light that has form and mass. That doesn't mean he can create anything but he can make it look like anything. The ability is rather unstable and hard to control which leads to unnecessary amounts of destruction. ( he is getting better at controlling it.) Adept learning: He learns incredibly fast in all fashions. Through quick learning he has learned to use spells and minor skills in other arts of magic.

Fighting Style: Broad overpowering attacks that are aimed to stop counter attacks, movements and defense. Usually intense destruction following him in battle. He is classed as a close to mid range fighter. He can be sloppy at times and at other times very precise and calculating. he is a very skilled as a swordsmen (can hold his own with Grimlock) is one of the top in the guild and is usually his preferred start of attack. He dislikes fighting dishonorably. Also has a habit for making his opponent pay for their actions in a fight in a strange form of justice. for example if an enemy removes a limb or causes great pain to him or his teammates he will repay them in kind. Prefers head to head intense battle (revels in it) Likes to fight one on one because his powers are unstable and from time to time explode or fail which endangers teammates. Not only that he does prefer the challenge of working alone and the glory that comes from it. He is capable of quickly discerning an enemies attack pattern, how their abilties works because of his ability to learn quickly.

Guild History: Has been with the guild 12 years. When he first arrived he was already notably skilled and had the unique ability to wield, create and control hard light and light. Which quickly caught the interest of Grimlock who made him his apprentice almost immediately. Within a year of being there Marx earned his title and reputation amongst the guild and was well respected and loved. Has been periodically bothering Juxon to allow him to take the elite exams but Juxon keeps telling him that he must perfect his ability so that it is stable and more reliable. Before he can be allowed to attempt the exams.


Name: Lara Leona A.K.A Nightshade (author: phiresong).

Age: 19.

Appearance: She has short curly black hair, which is usually dyed, brown skin, and golden eyes. She's skinny, but not weak. She has a dragonskin jacket that's fireproof, among other things, and a large belt that contains her potions and explosives, and goggles that protect her eyes. Her trademark expression is a wild grin. Her guild mark is on her hip.

Personality: Extremely creative and slighty crazy. She's always the one to come up with insane solutions and can never say no to a risk or a challenge. She's always trying to find new possibilities and create new potions through her experiments. She likes having fun and bantering with her teammates. Though her interactions seem mostly casual, she's curious about everyone and wants to understand them. She's extremely close with her big sister and her family visits her often.

Ability: She's an alchemist, channeling her magic into potions that can heal, poison, explode, etc. She knows how to create shields so she doesn't blow herself up during her experiments. In battle, she relies on her speed, avoiding fights and using her potions to defend herself or help her teammates. You can always trust her to show up with a healing potion or a huge bomb. She's a jack of all trades with weapons; she knows how to use all of them but isn't very good at any.

Fighting Style: Lara prefers large scale battles, where she darts around and help her teammates constantly. She has a incredibly huge arsenal of potions, bombs, and other weapons. She usually uses stealth and speed potions to avoid the enemy, and only occasionally attacks it if she's not busy helping her teammates. She can support them passively, such as equipping her teammates with poison and other attachments to their weapons, providing a protective shield or potions that induce strength, speed, and healing etc. Or she participates in the battle actively, with her bombs and poisons, and her ability to use any weapon. In an individual fight, which she rarely participates in, she moves around quickly with a shield to protect her, making various short attacks to wear out her enemy. She's really good at individual strategy, and can easily navigate her way around in a hectic battle. Though she usually channels her powers into her potions & bombs, she has a lot of untapped potential in magic.

Guild History: She's been at the Guild for five years, since she was fourteen. She got recruited with the help of her sister, Raina, who is now 22, a blacksmith and fighter. At first she didn't show any specific talent in combat or magic, and had mediocre skill in almost everything. She really wanted to learn how to fight, and trained in different skills and weapons for a year and a half before she found her calling as an alchemist. She found that she could infuse her magic in objects and used that to make potions and bombs.

Name: Angel Demeeks a.k.a. Fallen (author = erfranco)

Age: 18

Appearance:  His black, soulless black eyes make everyone wonder if he’s not just a walking corpse.  He’s had the same pale complexion for as long as anyone could remember, and has never smiled a day in his life.  He wears the same tattered black shirt and cargo pants he had when the guild first recruited him.  

Personality: He keeps the same sullen, depressed look every day of his life, even though the hood covers up most of it.  He prefers to eat alone, but refuses to go on a mission, being too afraid that his power will get out of control unless someone is there to keep him in check.  He’s too young to really associate with the men, is always being called a child, and is in a constant mourn and guilt over his family’s passing two years ago.

Ability: Manipulation of Dark Energies.  He is able to channel dark power into his body and force it out in bursts.  At times, he has destroyed entire villages due to his lack of control, something he’s been working on since he joined the guild.  Now, with more control, he can channel shockwaves of dark energy through his body and control the radius of these dark pulses.  Also, he can see in complete darkness and fight with his eyes closed.

Fighting Style: Though called a child, the rest of the guild forgets how strong Fallen really is.  He has learned to channel his dark energy into his hands and feet to make every punch and kick he lands the equivalent of a wrecking ball if he pleases.  He has a unique prowess for close ranged combat because of it, and a lot of the members his age are terrified to spar with him.  He also has a keen sense for determining his opponents’ next move, and given his steadfast and agile body, react to it.  Fallen fights intelligently and unpredictably.

Name: Artonus Gleave, but called "Cleaver" by the guild members who remember him. Age: 45 Personality: Free spirited when motivated but lazy when not. He tends to have a bleak look upon the world unless he finds those rare interesting things. Fighting with magic became boring for him, as he felt there was no challenge in it, as all his opponents were either too weak or too strong and none were able to give him a good challenge. He likes challenging things, yet will not do something he feels he cannot succeed at, in short. Looks: Wears a long brown jacket and a red bandanna that covers his head like a hat. A white shirt and black pants hide underneath his jacket. He also wears boots. As for his face, you could say hes ruggedly handsome with a short goatee and blue eyes. Bald under the bandanna. Breif background: He joined the guild at a very young age, becoming friends with Juxon when the Elite was 24. Juxon helped nurture Art's magic and essentially made it what it is today. Thought Art never caught up with Juxon, he made significant progress in the guild and became an elite at the age of 28. Though he wasn't considered dangerous or overly powerful like Juxon, he was revered by his coworkers as someone who could be relied on. Though the guild was the only family Art had known, since he was born to two guild members (now deceased) of Supernova, he became bored when he turned 32 and left the guild to pursue other interests. Though he is in his forties, Art has done a lot of odd jobs and even started a business that runs itself. of course, he got bored of that too, and now he has decided to go check up on his old friend and mentor. Magic: Art had very weak magic at a young age and couldnt use the majority of simple spels like most others (levitation, etc), so he always felt useless. Until he found he had a gift for transmutation. With the help of Juxon, he mastered this skill, then went on to train in weapons. With this combination and ten years of practice, Art was able to make weapons out of any physical objects and use them with proficiency. His magic grew and he learned to use levitation magic as well, giving him the capability to use massive weapons, such as large greatswords, with relative ease. He gained the nickname Cleaver from using a two story tall sword to slice a beasts head off. His weapon of choice is the lance, though. His fighting style can change depending on the situation, though.

The Guild Members of The Supernova Guild.

Name: Master Juxon Zapps a.k.a. Shockwave.

Age: 54 (Guild master since 32). 

Appearance: Thick, dark, red hair with specks of silver and a thick beard. He is tall and slightly frail with only one arm and golden eyes which sparkle with amused excitement.

Personality: He always seems to keep under control of running the guild. Even though he might not be often seen in the guild due to his duties as guild master, he likes to keep tabs on how everyone is doing, especially new members. He is always ready for a laugh and is very protective over his guild. He can be very competitive.

Ability: Pulse Magic = He can send his magic energy into the atmosphere, causing either an extremely powerful pulse to be released or it causes the earth to shake drastically. Both can paralyse targets. Rumours says that in his youth, he destroyed many towns during quests and battles accidentally but always helped to rebuild.

Fighting Style: He usually fights strategically, using his earthquakes to disorient his opponents. The Master also uses his Pulse Magic to push himself into the air and stabilise him as if he could fly. He can also send direct pulses at targets which can vary from paralysing to causing the body to collapse within itself.  

Guild History: Became Guild master at 34. Before this time, he was one of the youngest (until Caleb) to become an Elite in the guilds history, becoming an Elite at the age of 20. He was orphaned at a young age and never knew his parents, thus making him want to find a family he could connect with i.e. Supernova. He found the guild at the age of 8 and soon showed his strength, especially through his teen years where his powers tended to get a bit out of control after a few of the guilds classic drinking contests and lively festivals.


Name: Caleb Moon.

Age: 23.

Appearance:He has sharp grey eyes, long black hair which is usually tied back into a low ponytail and falls over his eyes often. He has a long, deep, scar running from his right shoulder to the left side of his hipbone which he got during his first Elite mission against a flock of vicious harpies. He wears a long, brown leather jacket with a black hood underneath which he puts up when on missions, with long combat trousers. Even though his ability is mentally one of the strongest ever in the guild’s history, he is also physically strong too.  His guild mark is dark red, covering the whole of his back.  

Personality: Known for his flirty nature. He is rather the opposite to Carissa as he likes interacting with people although he mostly goes on solo missions. He often makes inappropriate jokes and finds most things funny, so there is always a glint in his eyes. He is great with the Supernova children and is the reason why Carissa can even talk to people as he was the one who found her and bought her to the guild when she was young. He can be reckless in battles when he focuses on protecting others and therefore he is always getting new injures which he says makes him more attractive.

Ability: Telekinetic and telepathy. He is able to move things with his mind as well as reading minds and connecting/communicating with them. He can also use Astor-projection, seeming to duplicate himself. With this power, he is often playing pranks on the other members of the guild.

Fighting Style: He fights head on, using both his mental and his physical strength to attack the opposition. He often looks into people’s minds to foresee their next attacks and he can sometimes break his opponents by breaking their insanity. He is fast on his feet but can be a bit reckless when fighting (one of the reasons for going on solo missions).

Guild History: Caleb was born into the guild but he barely remembers his parents as they died when he as very young but they are fondly remembered as a very strong Elite power couple who are greatly missed from all who knew them. He has always been a unofficial mentor to Carissa after finding her in the small forest enclosing the guide when he was 12. When he showed rare promise of having what it takes to be an Elite when he was 17, the Master tested him and later deemed him to be worthy of the title, Elite. Caleb is really close to Carissa due to their past together and they both mean a lot to each other (that’s why he is able to call her Care).  


Name: Rai Saito A.K.A Wisteria

Age: 27

Appearance: Rai is Japanese, with shoulder length black hair and a petite stature. Half of her face and neck is covered with a light purple cracks from a magical accident in her past. One of her eyes is purple as well, while the other is brown. Sometimes she tries to cover the scar with her hair. She usually wears skirts and dark colors.

Personality: As changeable as the wind. She switches easily from one viewpoint to another, and almost seems to have multiple personalities. She has frequent mood swings and is very unpredictable. One moment she's happy and excited, and a single word can change her mood to angry and vengeful.

Ability: She's gifted in casting many types of enchantments, but her main weapon is her lightning. She can summon cracking balls of plasma as well as bolts of lightning. She also channels her magic through her nagamaki. All her spells are in a light purple color, same as her scar. It's their color, as well as the meaning of her last name, that gave her the nickname Wisteria. Her purple eye allows her to see into different planes of reality, which might be the cause of her personality disorders.

Fighting Style: Her fighting is as unpredictable as her moods. She's as fast as lighting and is constantly changing her position or angle of attack. Her ability to see many perspectives makes her a great strategist in battle.

Guild History: She's been a member of the guild for twelve years, and it's her fourth year as an elite. In her first elite year, she was a mentor for Lara.


Name: Grimlock Nezerden A.K.A Dragon Knight

Age: 44

Appearance: Grimlock is 8 feet tall and is barrel chested. some people say that he is a half giant. He has charming forest green eyes. A hardened aging face with a scar running down the left side of his face. Wears black armor with horns on the shoulder and a crimson cape with an orange dragons maw roaring on it. In casual he wears regular clothing like a t shirt and jeans. Never leaves his Katana and wakizashi behind. Very muscular but usually carries a friendly demeanor.

Personality: Father-like, kinda goofy, sometimes serious. Very warm and caring. Not someone to cross though he can carry a mean grudge. Some would say he is overprotective of his daughter, Marx would agree. He is secretive about his past and his magic. He doesn't spend much of his time at the guild anymore afraid that he'll be forced to take on a another student. Not that he doesn't want to teach he just wants to spend that time with his daughter. He is extremely loyal to those he deems close and fierce to outsiders who show hostility. Is thoughtful and analyzing and does not act rashly.

Ability: Talk to dragons in their language, can channel magic into his swords turning them into elemental blades. He is a dragon rider and is always traveling with his dragon companion Gates who is approximately a young 50 year old golden dragon. He is a very skilled swordsmen and claims to be one of the best in the Ether. He is practiced in dragon magic but hardly ever reveals it unless he is absolutely sure it is necessary.

Fighting style: When riding dragon he uses overwhelming fire, lightning and wind attacks in coordination with the dragons attacks. Will fly high to avoid certain attacks then dive bomb in stomping crushing, clawing biting and burning. Dragon is capable of casting spells that enhance its attacks and fire breath. When not riding he is up close using his swords adding elemental attacks to keep the opponents on the defensive. Because of his size his swords are twice the size for an average human, and shows absurd signs of strength by shattering his enemies armor and weapons within a single blow. He is a force to be reckoned with.

Guild History: Has been a member of the guild for 20 years and elite member for 17 of those years. He has taught many of the younger guildmembers and was Marx's first and only mentor. He would even say to the others that he Adopted Marx when he first walked into the guild.


Name: Sarice Nezerden

Age: 22

Appearance: Forest Green eyes like her father. Stands at 6 4 and muscular but slim. Fairly attractive but lacking some in the breast area. Wears a pair of gauntlets that increase her speed and strength. Always wears silver plated boots. Her face is kind of rounded. Her hair red and is about neck length and is straight. Her guild mark is on her right forearm half covered by her gauntlets.

Personality: Kind describes her best. Caring and loyal like her father and somewhat reserved on personal matters. A little headstrong and a swift temper. very competitive especially with Marx. A fierce and loyal friend that puts her friends ahead of herself. Friendly and lighthearted like Marx most of the time. Impatient.

Ability: Like her father she can speak Draconic. Can channel elemental magic into her gauntlets and boots. Marx has taught her some of the points of using light based magic but she cannot create hardlight.

Fighting style: Quick and heavy. Marx warns against letting her land a direct punch from her. She moves so quickly that the untrained eye won't see her until it's to late. Her raw strength is enough to shatter buildings that added with whatever element she adds to that punch by rule of thumb is a one hit K.O. Despite her kind personality she is an unforgiving slave driver on the battlefield. Everything is a hundred percent there is no pulling punches with Sarice. If the battle is not in her favour she will manipulate the terrain, cause tornadoes, and attempt to slow her opponents movements down with ice attacks.

Guild History: Since she was born she has been part of the guild. Some would say she is the daughter of the guild. Because she is so close to her father and lives in his shadow she has yet to be given a title. Hence her competitive nature and need to prove herself. She and Marx are very close and have both been training underneath her father. To Marx's dismay she has been an Elite for a year now.


Name: Reina Leona A.K.A. Vesta

Age: 22

Appearance: Like her sister, she has black hair, brown skin, and golden eyes, but that's where the resemblance ends. Reina is tall and muscular, her hair cropped close to her scalp, her skin riddled with scars and burn marks. Her warhammer is always slung on her belt, and her Guild mark is on the palm of her hand. In battle, she often dons plate armor or chain mail.

Personality: Strong and unwavering. In battle Reina is a force of nature, but in real life, she can be stubborn and obstinate. Once she sets her mind to something, there's no stopping her. She's fiercely protective of her family, especially her little sister Lara, who she's looked after and guided her whole life. She's not afraid to go against the rules, and firmly believes in what is right.

Ability: Fire & Lava manipulation. She can summon up fire and melt earth into lava. This skill is used both in her skill as a blacksmith and a fighter.

Fighting Style: She's also extremely skilled in wielding her warhammer, which she forged herself. Her defense techniques are almost impenetrable, and she uses both her weapon and her magic to their full potential in battle. She's always the first to charge forward, and the last to finish the battle.

Guild History: She joined as an apprentice when she was twelve. At first she tried to learn to be a blacksmith, her deceased father's occupation. She knew she could earn a steady income to support her huge family, and refused to learn anything else, and planned on quitting the guild after she had learned the craft. After a year of apprenticeship, she discovered that she had huge potential in magic and combat. For the next eight years she resolved to perfect her talents, as well as her skills as a smith. In her fourth year at the Guild, she prompted her sister Lara to join. She's a few months away from becoming an elite.

The End

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