Chapter 1

And paperback books've never been my style,
Look in my room; all my clothes in a pile,
You know what I miss? Your burning smile,
But I haven't seen it, seen it in a while...

I laid back on my bed blissfully, watching the shadows weave their way across my ceiling, a pale purple color because of being filtered through my violet curtains. The music blared inside my earphones and I unconsiously mouthed the lyrics, acting like I was making a music video of myself singing.

Mind you, this never happened infront of others. I only did this when I was completely alone, peacefully alone. Solitude was my little hidey-hole, because there was nobody to tell me what to do, or say, or ANYTHING. It was only up to me. No stupid judgement, no weird looks. Just myself.

The song ended with The Lockart's impressive I wish... I played ar8ound with my iPod again, and selected a random song from my ever-growing playlist.

Stop, stop, stop for a moment,
And think, think, think what you're doing,
Don't run, run, run from the truth,
'Cause you know you can't.
And life just doesn't work like that.

So smile, smile, smile while you can,
And dream, dream, dream, work your plans,
Because one, one, one-one day,
Everything will be gone.
'Cause life just doesn't work like that.

My lips mimicked the movements of the words. I felt that indescribable feeling of peace and happiness that you get when you hear a song you love, and you can do whatever the hell you want because you're alone, or in the company of someone you can trust so well. You could dance, jump about, pretend you're onstage, or, you know, whatever. Normally I would have one of my sisters bopping along to the beat with me, and we'd pull out her camera and take funny photos in our big, colorful rimmed sunglasses. But today, they were both downstairs, so I could have this moment to myself.

"SYDNEY!" I promptly ignored it. I wanted to enjoy this -


I sighed, defeated, and swung myself to my feet. I skipped over to the door in my socked feet, and poked my head outside the door.

"WHAT?" I called down the stairs. There was a moment of silence.


I bit my lip, savouring the my last moment of solitude, then I ran a hand through my hair and skipped down the stairs, dancing about a bit.

Terry and Abbie were my cousins. They're twins. They look pretty alike, both with wavy caramel-colored hair and inqisitive hazel eyes, and pointy chins. They're both pretty stubborn, and both pretty smart. Before, they were really adorable, one of them dressed in blue, the other in pink, cooing in their little matching blankets. Now, they were ten, and had their own opinions. They don't wear similar clothes anymore. Terry's interested in football, like any other guy, and Abbie's interested in dancing and singing, like any other girl. Their real names are Terrence and Abigail, but Terry and Abbie are cuter, and more twin-like, and so everyone calls them that.

I slid my way into the corridor, almost bumping into Aunt Alicia. She's their mother.

"Aunt Alicia! Sorry!" I apologized hastily. I had made a considerably good slide, due to the fact the floor was wooden and I had new socks on.

She smiled brightly, her red lipstick enhancing her white teeth. "No problem, Sydney! I was just leaving, anyway! Your sisters were kind enough to agree to babysit Terry and Abbie for a while, while your mother and I could go out for a cuppa and catch up on some gossip."

I smiled back. "No problem, Aunt Alicia. Terry and Abbie are never a problem." They weren't, really. Atleast, usually. Also Mom had alot of these meet-up stuff with people. See, we moved around alot. Like, ALOT. We barely stay in one place for six months. Thats why I was so into being alone. Because I was used to it.
So Mom barely ever saw her old friends or sisters or cousins. Hence, whenever she got the chance, she would have a meet-and-greet with them.

So, we were quite used to Abbie and Terry being here. Mom liked bringing Aunt Alicia along with her to these events, and Terry and Abbie got stuck with us. They were fun if they wanted to be. I was creating a giant heart of photos on my wall, and some newer editions to the heart were of all of us - Terry, Abbie, me,  and my sisters, Kylie and Jules. Jules' real name is Julia, but we all prefered Jules anyway, despite it being more of a guy name. Hey, Sydney is a boy name too. It doesn't really matter, does it?

Aunt Alicia kissed my cheek. "Alright, darling! Be back soon!" She hurried outside. Mom slipped out from behind the door. She smiled at me weakly.

"We'll be fine, Mom," I promised. I knew she didn't really like leaving us alone, but we don't mind. We knew she loved us, and we didn't have anything much to do anyway.

"Bye, hun," she said softly, tucking a strand of my dark hair behind my ear. Then she went outside, flashing me one last smile before locking the door behind her.

Little did I know what was going to happen.

I waited until I heard Aunt Alicia's car start, and back up, then I slid into the living room, almost losing my balance.
I heard giggles from the sofa infront of the TV, and I stood properly.

"Hi, guys!" I greeted them cheerfully.

"Hi, Syd," Abbie and Terry chorused together, then they both giggled again. I spotted a mane of golden blond hair.

"So, is Kylie entertaining you well?" I asked, leaning forward to give Abbie a quick hug. I liked both of them, honestly, and they liked me too.

"Yes," they chimed politely.

"Guys, your mom is gone," I reminded them. They were always shy in the beginning. I pulled my iPod out of the earphones tucked in my ears, and popped it into the speakers, and chose a song.

Soft, tinkly music started, and I did a grand leg sweep. Abbie laughed. Then a serious backbeat began thumping. More of The Lockart.

The singing started. I pretended I was holding a microphone and lip-sang the lyrics which I knew so well.

During a pause, I quickly said, "Come on!" I held my hand out to Abbie, who hesitantly took it. I spun her around, still lip-synching. She laughed again and started copying me. When the chorus started, we burst into song properly.

Pretty faces will rot away,
Sunshine turn to rainy days,
Your old pets might run away,
But you can't wait.
My car's old metal will tarnish soon,
New hit singles become old tunes,
His little kids stop watching cartoons,
But you can't wait.

Terry began to mime playing drums, and Kylie began on her air guitar. Jules, who had walked in with some drinks, joined Abbie and I in our 'singing'. I jumped onto the sofa, beckoning Abbie to join me, and she took my hand and hopped onto it. Jules followed us. We made heartfelt faces and clutched our chests to show we were singing with deep emotion. I did some funny dancing moves and Abbie burst out laughing. I laughed aswell. The chorus began again, and we all did impressive jumps of the sofa, and began parading around the room like it was our stage. Terry quickly took our place on the sofa, making a big show of his 'many drums'. Kylie stood on a chair nearby, and they mimicked eachother's movements, laughing their heads off.

We were properly singing now, complementing eachother's voices and giving eachother solos. Abbie pretended to be grabbing fans' hands. I did aswell. The whole room seemed to inflate with music, and when the chorus arrived yet again, everybody began singing - even Terry.

Pretty faces will rot away,
Sunshine turn to rainy days,
Your old pets might run away,
But you can't wait.
Old metal will tarnish soon,
New hit singles become old tunes,
His little kids won't watch cartoons,
But you can't wait.

We let Abbie take the final solo. She stepped infront of us, blazing in her moment of glory.

Maybe you can cheat time,
Maybe you figured out the rhyme,
Maybe you just stopped the crime,
But I can't wait.

The rock music ended, the soft music ended, and we all gave deep bows, then we cracked up.

When our laughter died down, Abbie looked at me.

"Syd, I wanna play something!" she insisted.

I propped myself up on my elbows and looked up at her from the floor, where I fell during my fit of hysterical laughter.

"Like...?" I asked.

"I dunno, but something... different!"

I considered it. Different. Hmmm. When we 'normally' played something, it went like this. Two princesses and a prince are locked in a castle, and there's an evil witch trying to hurt them. The princesses escape with the help of the prince's trusty swordfighting - you see why Terry sort of enjoyed this game now - and then he escaped too. Then they all lived happily ever after, and we would have a tickle fest.

I didn't have any ideas. I turned to Jules.
Jules is eighteen, and has pale blonde hair and hazy blue eyes. She looks almost nothing like me. Kylie has pretty similar features to her, but the only thing we all have in common is the shape of our eyes. They tilt upwards slightly at the outer corner, some people describing it as like cat-eyes. Dangerous. I liked it.

"Jules?" I asked. "What do you think?"

Jules pushed herself into a better position on the sofa where she had been lying, legs tangled in Terry's, and twisted a strand of her hair.

"Something... DIFFERENT..." she mused. Abbie looked at her expectantly.

"I got nothing," she admitted. "What about you, Kyles?"
Kylie shrugged. "Let me think for a moment."

Kylie always had the best ideas, so we all waited, rather impatiently, to see what she would think of.

"I've got it!" she finally announced, and we all breathed a sigh of impatience and relief.

Abbie bounced up and down on her seat. "What is it, what is it?"

Kylie's eyes glittered mysteriously. "It's gonna be called.... the Super Hero game."

We all caught on at once. "So you mean..." Abbie began.
"We get to pretend..." Terry continued.
"That we're super heroes!" I ended triumphantly. It was a pretty creative idea. "And we get to make them up ourselves, right?"

"That was the idea, yeah," Kylie said. Abbie looked deep in thought.

"I wonder what I'll be..." she mused. I had a sudden hit of inspiration.

"Wait here," I told them, and darted upstairs. I took a handful of papers from my dad's study, and grabbed some pencils from the pencil holder. I came back downstairs, and held them up.

"Why don't we draw them?" I suggested. "You know, to get a better idea of what they'll look like and everything. They need superhero suits and everything!"

"Alright," Terry agreed, and I handed everyone a pencil and paper.

"Flower Girl!" Abbie cried out, and we all stared at her.

"I'll be Flower Girl!" she explained excitedly. I smiled. I liked how enthusiastic she was.

"Hey, that's great!" Jules said brightly, ruffling her hair. "Why don't you draw her now?"

"What do you think she should wear?" Abbie asked us.

"You," Kylie corrected. "And if she's Flower Girl, then shouldn't she wear something... flowery?"

"Like, a dress lined in flowers?" I suggested, trying to think of something Abbie would like.

"How about a pink ballerina dress, with red and purple roses on the edges?" Jules said.

"I didn't know there were such things as purple roses," I said. Jules rolled her eyes at me.

"There aren't in real life, idiot. But this, is a game," she said, and wrapped an arm around Abbie. "And we can do whatever we want. Right, Abbie?"

"Ok," Abbie said. "But I want the dress to be purple and the roses to be red and white."

Jules looked at me, and I shrugged. "Do whatever you want, Abbie," I told her. "Its your superhero, right?"

"Right," Kylie added. "So. Your superpower is over flowers."

"And what can I do with my power over flowers?" Abbie asked, her eyes narrowed.

Kylie hesitated, so I butted in. "Anything, Abbie. Anything your imagination creates, as long as it has something to do with flowers."

"And if I want superstrength, I can do anything with it?" Terry interrupted.

"Ofcourse," I said.

"Wait," Kylie interjected. "What if I want TWO superpowers in one?"

I shook my head. "Not possible."

"Yes, it is!" Abbie protested.

"But that's not fair," I argued. "Then you have double the power."

Terry stuck out his bottom lip, and I knew he'd be siding with his sister. "In Fantastic Four, Invisible Girl can create forcefields. That's two powers."

"Yeah," I said, "But they're based on the same thing..."
I realized I couldn't explain about Invisible Girl using her invisible energy to increase it to such a level that it created a giant sphere of pulsing energy that could contain or keep out an organism or object (at least, that's what I understood) to a ten-year-old. He wouldn't believe me anyway.

I looked at Jules for help, but it was a lost cause. "Hey, I want two superpowers aswell," Jules shrugged.

I knew I had lost. "Fine. Have two superpowers," I said, irritated. I concentrated on my own superhero.

"Are you going to be Lipstick Woman, Kylie? Or Eyeshadow Girl?" Terry asked. I felt even more annoyed, but I wasn't really mad at him.

"Terry," I sighed, "Just 'cause we're girls, doesn't mean we want to our super powers to be things for girls. Thats like me saying you should be The Football Lord , or something. I want a proper power. Like super strength."

"Exactly," Jules agreed.

"So..." Terry said slowly, "You're NOT going to be Lipstick Woman or Eyeshadow Girl, but like Invisible Girl, or Wonder Woman."

"Yep," I said. Then an idea struck me. "But, you gave me a very, very good idea, Terry."

I began to sketch out the letters, leaving a space above for the drawing of my superhero. I dew them in dark and bold, leaving dark traces behind. Terry came and peeked over my shoulder to see what I was writing.

"Oh! Shadow Girl! That's nice!" he said. I grinned. "Thanks."

"Not bad," Kylie said, hiding her paper, grinning aswell. "But mine will be better."

I narrowed my eyes at her. "You're on."

We both bent down onto our papers. Terry went back to his own sheet.

After a minute, I heard Terry sigh. "Can somebody draw me some muscle-ee arms?"

I giggled at his 'muscle-ee'. "You're meant to do this yourself, Terry."

"I know but its HARD! Pleaassssssee?"

I took his paper. He had drawn a head with a black mask on it so far, and a very thin neck.
I made the neck thicker. "Otherwise the arms will look weird," I explained to Terry. Then I did my best on the arms.

I did draw alot, and I had good practice making bodies, but muscles? Not so much. I did a considerable job, but Terry thought it was really good. He was happy, so I guess I was too.

I kept sketching my own girl. The head appeared, with straight dark hair falling down into nonexistence. A neck and shoulders took the place of the nonexistence, and a body formed. I followed a hunch and did some calligraphy-like lace on her upper arms and legs, covering part of her body like a second skin. Then I added the trademark swimsuit one-piece to her body, and gave it a little skirt with a leathery belt. Finally, I drew some ankle boots on. All of it was as dark as pencil can get.

As I said before, I did draw alot, so it looked good. I studied it, quite proud of my superhero's looks. I didn't bother adding a cape. They were completely useless anyway and could probably choke me.
So. Fact #1 - Capes are stupid and useless.

The End

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