What would happen if pretend suddenly became real?

Definition of game :-

Noun: A form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.  
1.Eager and willing to do something new or challenging: "they were game for anything".
2.(of a person's leg) Permanently injured; lame.  

 Play games of chance for money: "the gaming tables of Monte Carlo".  

We're talking about the noun. And I mean a specific type of game. Not the Olympic Games, or a sports game. Not a board game, not a gambling game. Not a video game, not a party game, Not a mathematical or word game. Not a puzzle or quiz either.
We're talking about a play-acting game.

You know? When you pretend to be something else? Like pretending you're Ash from Pokemon, or Miley Stewart from Hannah Montana. Or Spider-man, or something else.
Or maybe when you pretend you're a pirate, on the seas, looking for buried treasure. Maybe you want to act like a princess, or maybe you'd like to pretend to be the older sister called Mandy instead of the younger one called Melissa.

But there is only one key word in this whole explanation.


Because, that's what play-acting is, isn't it? You PRETEND to be someone or something else, you PRETEND that you're somewhere or not, you PRETEND. And your imagination supplies the images. When you pretend, things are so much more fun. After all, it's just game. Isn't it?

Let me ask you something.
What if you were pretending to be someone else... and you turned into them?
What if you were pretending to do something impossible... and you could suddenly really, actually do it?

What if you were pretending that the fate of the world rests in your hands... and it suddenly did?

What if what you were pretending...
... suddenly became real?

What would you do?
What did I do?

Everything is not what it seems.
Even if all logic is defied by it.

The End

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