overboard tonight and tomorrowMature

Not wanting to be a slob, like on last year’s cursed field trip, and leave the retched journal-thing lying around, I stuffed it (happily abusive) into my duffle bag.

I got up slowly, stretching my long limbs and showing my flawless, white ‘fangs’ in a huge yawn. All of my ‘group’ (I guess you could call it a clique, but we just call it a group because clique just sounds too preppy) teased me about my canines, but I was proud of them. It made me closer to my favorite animal, the wolf.  

Rolling my neck, I gently massaged all the kinks out of it, hearing the disgusting, but satisfying pops. I sighed when it felt better.

Pulling the hair-tie out of my un-groomed hair, or mane as Ben says, I tugged my brush threw the rat-nest of brown locks until I could find no more tangles. Then I leaned forward stretching out my back and touching my toes while my hair fell like a silent waterfall into my eyes.

Flipping my hair back, I examined myself in the full-length mirror on the cabin door. My chocolate hair was straight to my satisfaction and my green eyes were bright with new purpose. 

I am unusually tall for my age I guess, five-foot-eight at fifteen, so I had to squat to see my whole self. I had broad shoulders, strong legs, an awesome tan and gunned arms with a slim torso. I thanked soccer for my looks. 

Celia compared me to a weeping willow once. “You're such a good dancer, you sway like the branches on a weeping willow. And your movements are so smooth and graceful; you weave through crowds like the wind.” I had laughed, that was a very odd comparison.

The wind was a mysterious thing, and powerful too. That’s what I thought tornadoes were, the wind having a break down, running and screaming in circles.

Lastly, energized with the thought of getting out of the confinement of my cabin, I pulled on a pair of cut-off jeans and a black tank top. I loved my summer clothes, and I am not a model or anything, but I can pull these off in a cat walk if I do say so myself, (and I do thank you!).

I opened the door, it swung easily open wide on finely oiled hinges without a sound.

I stepped softly down onto the steel floor, shivering slightly when I realized I had forgotten shoes. Oh well, I thought, now no one will hear me.

I am the queen of tiptoeing, let me tell you. I crept down the hall, as silent as night. Sneaking and unknown until spotted. And then, if spotted, I do the ever-popular deer-in-headlights pose. (Rose and her discriptions.) 

Up the stairs and across another hall panelled all in wood. This whole ship is all either metal of wood, it gave a woodland kind of feel to the sea voyage. 

Brandon was schooling Celia at pool; Ben was watching TV,OMG, he was watching Glee, Iddy's fav show! (Iddy, aka, Sidney, also in our 'group') It was the one with the Dakota dance person talking to everyone, my favorite part.

'"Want some lotion for those knuckles you've been dragging on the ground?" -Dakota. "What's your problem?"-Flynn. "My problem is that you're freakishly tall! Makes me feel like a woodland creature!"'

I cracked up laughing, but not loud enough for everyone to here me. Michael had finally given in to Rose’s pleading, (and threatening) to play cards. Poor guy. 

Zak, I knew was sleeping in his ‘cabin’ dorm downstairs, having seen him laid out with his mouth open on his bed.

I clamped my hand over my mouth to hush the fit of snickers that erupted at that thought.

Up another flight of stairs and out the hatch, I came to the top deck and walked out the several hundred feet to the railing seat.

The sun was just starting to set, washing the blue sky in the slightest shade of red.

I smiled to remember something my grandmother had said to me many times last year. I pictured her kind, weathered face talking to me. “See that sky? That’s a Carolina sky right there ain’t it? Woo, God knows our team colors let me tell you,” and I would nod and agree and laugh with her.

I closed my eyes and let myself drift.

At times like these, time was my worst enemy. I sighed. Why could not life be this perfected all the while? I thought. And why am I the only one who ever says that.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” I heard Zak say beside me.

I jumped and he laughed. “Yeah, it is. Gosh, do you have to scare everyone half to death? No, let me rephrase that, do you have to scare everyone to death?” I asked him. He laughed some more.

“No, only you,” I rolled my eyes at him and turned back to the sky art on the horizon.

The sun had dipped half-way down into the ocean. I bet the water was boiling by now. One hundred degrees Celsius, I remembered spontaniously.

I leaned against Zak and he stroked my hair. I was glad my back was against his chest, so he couldn't see me blush. 

I sighed. Here was a moment worthy of those love stories played in Hollywood. Everything was fine, I guess. It was times like these when I wished me and Zak had more a connection than just best-really-close-friends.

So much for my life-peace epiphany scene.

Just another depressing thought to add to the many reasons I was mad right about now. Why Mrs. Huffman? (That's a joke by the way.) Why? I’ve wanted to tell him for years how I feel, but every time I have always come to the same conclusion, it would push him completely away from me, and I could never live with that.

I leaned over the rail, gazing into the deep blue. “Don’t fall in,” Zak teased.

“Ha, ha, ha,” I said, sticking out my tongue. Suddenly he tickled my side and I screamed, jumping forwards, away from him.

Into the ocean. My hands caught the metal bar, and then I was hanging, off the front of the boat.

Dangling from the front I could feel the salty spray and a suffocating wave of fear washed over me. 

“Zak! Help!” I screamed. I looked down, mistake number one. An instant, nauseating butterfly fluttered inside me. It was so far down, my right hand suddenly slipped and I was hanging by one hand. I could fall, oh God. If I fell…

“Oh no! Here, grab my hand!” He reached for me, I reached for him back. Yes, ironic, I know.

I took his hand, the sudden chilling breeze swirling around me and buffeting my hair everywhere.

He pulled me up and over the rail, tell me how is he so strong? His arms had tendons sticking out, clearly visible, clearly a beast.

Strange, that was what everyone including me used to call my brother, I thought in a random haze.

And then I was gasping in his arms and laughing too. “How idiotic do you get?” I yelled at him. Even so, I could hardly here it over the now howling wind.

I pulled my eyes off his for the slightest second.

Had those clouds been there the whole time? I decided no, I probably would have noticed a purple-black swirly coming straight toward us, fast.

“Me! I wasn’t the one who jumped out a foot in the air after a little tickle!” I glared at him, he glared sarcastically back. Then I realized I was shaking and I did not feel like having a starring contest.

Not that I am not the queen of those too. It is now just completely freezing out here and my lack of winter necessities is now very obviously needed.

I spun around and ran back down the two flights of stairs and across half a hallway, spinning in the doorway of the game room.

Everyone was there, except now it was Ben schooling Brandon at pool and Celia was watching them with a great amount of interest and concentration that would look hilarious on anyone else‘s face.

Ahh, Celia, I suspected her of crushing on Ben, but then, I felt like that with Rose also, hee hee. Rose looked up at the sound of my arrival, as did everyone else but Michael.

He slammed down the last card and shouted, “Mine! I win; now leave me alone and in peace!” That I had to giggle at.

He looked up at everyone’s silence, meeting my eyes and raised a bushy eyebrow.

“Where’ve you been? What the heck have you been doing?” Ben asked. “You look like you’re about to go into shock or something.”

“Probably doing stuff with Zak,” Rose muttered. Celia giggled and Brandon looked down. I scowled at the word, stuff, not taking it lightly.

Yep, I know, we are perverts.

Then I realized what I must look like, probably like the ghost of the sea pearls crypt, (I do not know either).

I called upon my spur-of-the-instant-awkward-moment-lying-skills and stammered brilliantly, “T-the sunset’s beautiful-ful,” Only then did I realize that I technically did not watch the sun set at all.

Oh well, so much for the awesome view.

Rose was the first to recover from my unusual appearance slash entrance. “Uh! Savanah! I was just about to win! Another game Michael, now!” He shook his head.

“No way, I have played to many games and I’m really tired,” Uh-oh. 

There was the pose. Rose had gone full-body-pout mode with a combination I-will-hurt-you-if-you-do-not-give-me-what-I-want look.

I sighed; I always had to save everyone from Rose when Sidney was not around.

“Rose, not everyone has as much energy and hyperness as us. We mustn’t kill Michael tonight, you might want him to play cards another night you know.” Sometimes I amaze even myself with my logic.

“Ahh, Savanah. My savior? Please play cards with Rose, please, please, please?” I almost laughed at the sight of his puppy dog look. It really was pitiful. He must have been stressed, I thought, I bet he ran his hand through his hair at least eighty times to get it that spiky!

I nodded. He bowed to Rose and me, never the gentlemen, running out of the room. Rose huffed.

“Playing cards with you’s hopeless, you always win,” she mumbled. “That’s why you’re awesome,” I told her, smiling, “because you keep playing.”


Captain Sabin came in and smiled. A delicious smell had been coming to us from next door for I do not how long. “Dinner’s ready guys. Now just let me by, before you-” He was cut off when he was pushed against the wall, by us, rushing to the food. I stayed behind on the couch until everyone had gotten their plates.

Then I attacked the mess hall. The other four people of the crew lounged against the cabinets. They were Kathy, Jess, Skyla, and Hayden, all girls, on a crew with one man.

I contemplated how that worked out with all them.

The hilarious thing about them was that they were all brunettes. Like me. That is why Rose thought that she and Captain Sabin were supposed to be together, because they were the only blondes, besides Brandon.

Poor Brandon, I thought. Brandon had not grown up with a dad, but with a smoking, pill-popper mom who was practically handicapped with her kilo and brain surgery at one point.

Our relationship had been long and sweet with no breaking up resents or regrets. Just like a sweetheart dating should be I guess.

I got way too much meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Hey, there was no one else, so I may not be blamed!

I reached into the cabinet drawer and pulled out a fork and made my way over to everyone. We stuffed our faces, as usual. Captain Sabin tried to make small talk with all of us, and, of course, failed.

“Isn’t he just hot!? That smile, his lush blond hair, I wonder what kind of shampoo he uses, oh, and he’s definitely got a two hander!” Rose whispered to me.

Coke almost came out of my nose. I did not mean to make fun, but sometimes Rose is just hilarious!

She looked impatiently at me to answer. What the heck could I say though? “Yah, totally two hander. Um, but don’t you think he’s just a little bit old for you?” I asked skeptically.

She looked taken aback, but not that much. “I didn’t mean it like that-” My look stopped her. “Really,”

“Oh really really, as Shrek would say you total liar,” I said, scowling.

“Ok, let’s just say he’s Carlisle in Twilight. Cute and untouchable….I wonder who his Esme is-” I couldn’t believe.

“ROSE!” I hush shouted. She tried to look innocently downward. But her obvious mask was quite transparent.

“What? You can’t blame a girl for wanting, and looking,” she peered at him expertly.

“No, I guess not. But you’re right; he has better hair than Brandon.” This made her laugh.

My liking guys is apparently hilarious with my obvious tomboy-ness. Which brought back the touché subject of Zak again. “I still can’t believe you like Zak, I have no clue what the heck you see in him,” she whispered.

But there was no need for hushed volumes, I had been sure to sit as far away from Zak as possible.

What did I see in him, I do not know myself though. The way his smile is always slightly out of balance, and how he can never get his hair to get out of face unless he puts it in a pony tail and most of all, his eyes.

They were a glowing amber, like the sunset.

Past memories knocked on the door of my attention that Rose was now also trying to get. “Savanah? Savanah!” 

“What,” I asked, my cheeks flushing and looking away.

“Could you take my plate?” Oh, good. I cleared my throat.

“Sure,” I said gruffly. I forced my stuff away. I wolfed down the rest of the food on my plate and took everyone’s plate to the mess and into the dish washer.

I always did it.

I closed the dishwasher door and pushed on, then sighed. Zak had given me a meaningful glance and a teasing smile that I was trying to ignore and forget. Not having any luck so far.

I pushed past the swinging door and brought out my deck of cards, grinning and stroking them with gleams of mystery in my eyes. “Who wants to play poker?”

I always had cards on hand. What? Black Jack and counting cards is a very rewarding skill. (Shhh! I said nothing!)


I had stopped counting the card games after the nineteenth one.

I had of course won every game, and everyone got more revenge with every game. Everyone includes Rose, Ben and Celia; she can get quite nasty when she wants to be.

Eventually I told them no more and had starting watching TV. I was the one who you really did not want to mess with by being annoying. I began noticing little things as I drifted off. This couch is really comfortable, and that color blue on the walls is bad with the florescent lights, I thought.

I did not really pay attention to the screen; I think it was Zoey 101, but it could’ve been Kyle XY. Someone sat down beside me when I was almost gone, and I did not care. I did not even look over to see who it was, my head was too heavy. When I woke up I was in my bed. I cannot even remember falling asleep. Celia was the only one still awake. I saw faintly the title of her book she was squinting at. Inkheart, I did like that series, I think.

“Celia, how did I get here?” I mumbled sleep drunk. Though I think I do remember something about beer.

She jumped, apparently had not known of anyone’s presence but hers (even though there were two other people in here besides her). “Zak carried you down here like a half hour after everyone else was already in bed. Brandon kept coming in here asking who wanted to play stripper B.S. so I came up there to get my book, knowing I wouldn’t be sleeping for a while. Well, you two were still there, and I think I heard him whispering something. He might have just been commenting on something he saw, but I kept seeing his eyes darting back to you. The TV might’ve still been on. It was kind of strange though, him talking to himself-”

I just grunted not caring about the rest and drifted off again. I am just glad it was not Captain Sabin. Rose would have been all over me in the morning, probably waking me up early and harassing my beauty sleep. She would ask about his strength and if he had muscles or abs…ZZZZ


I am walking down the hallways trying to find the top deck and yet they corridors just kept going on and on like they are leading in a circle.

I feel like I am, or should be, looking for something, but I do not know what I am looking for, and then it hit me. There is nothing here, nothing to look for. It seemed that that realization was the turning point away from the everlasting maze.

My dream changed rapidly and I was crying and staring out into the increasing sunlight. I was somehow on the top deck, though I have no memory of finding the path here, I was just here. The sun had almost peeked fully on the thrashing horizon line.

The same racing clouds I had seen last night, except bigger, had clouded all the light and there was nothing but the angry black depths, the shrieking clouds and my tears making everything unclear.

Then Zak was there running in slow motion upside-down towards me from the hatch. Why was he upside-down? He was hurt, I could see the pain and his face though he was yelling something I couldn’t decipher at me.

I know now that this was a nightmare because nothing could hurt Zak, he was practically invincible, and he never, ever, raised his voice.

I wanted to understand, and suddenly I needed to understand, I could feel it.

There was a flash of brilliant, bright white, and then, nothing.

Nothing was there, not emotion nor senses, not purpose or pain.

Even a breath or a heartbeat would have sufficed, but, sufficed what? We did not know, anything. Then, something, a word that meant something, help.

Suddenly everything sane came back; including the dream, but it was different now. I was limb and in the grasp of the sea. It kept thrashing me every which way on the surface until I finally sank deeper.

Why can I not move? No light was captured in these watery depths, it was pitch back and sight was impossible, nonexistent.

Down here I did not feel the current, but the pressing weight of the water. And there were sounds, echoes, cries. They sounded like a symphony, beauty without breath. I looked around (my eyes still work!) trying to identify its source, and saw a sea forest. A living collage of colors, because the newspaper shades were alien here.

Something pushed me hard in the back, as if to show me more in my paralyzed state, and I awoke.

I choked for air, a horrid taste of sharp salt in my mouth. Then I became aware of light and familiar sound, something painful at first after crushing comfort of the beloved sea. Everyone was staring at me and everyone was talking at once.

“Savanah? Are you awake?… Are you alright!… You weren’t breathing, and turning blue! Gosh, I’ve never seen such a color on skin before… But it was kind of funny the way you were twitching. Boy you flopped out of bed like a fish… For a minute there I thought you didn’t have any pulse, should I call Captain Sabin...You looked dead! I mean, your back arched like something was pushing it up, like a ghost!” I stopped it right there.

“Shut up! I’m fine! You can all go back to bed now, I’m fine,” I ordered gruffly. It felt like my throat had been scrubbed with burning soap. I had not had meant to snap at them like that, but I was mad at them. They had taken away the sea symphony from me, and all that gorgeous color… I took a deep breath, trying to calm down so I would not start yelling.

They all still stared at me with eyes that would look big on frogs. Some with concern, others surprise, and even others, apology. I knew I did not deserve their sympathy; I had done the verbal attacking.

Gradually the boys filed out like the gorillas they sometimes were, dragging their knuckles.  Celia climbed back in her bed, not meeting my eyes. Only then did I realize that I was on the floor and hurting all over.

Groaning, I heaved myself back into bed and tried to relax. Nice to know I was not paralyzed back here too. I closed my eyes, practically willing the unseen world to appear again.

Thinking back, it seemed as if the thing that had pushed me back to this world, had pushed me right out of bed. When I thought about the ironic-ness if it, it became hysterical (I don’t know why) and I could hardly silence the fit of giggles that bubbled through my lips. I opened my eyes and looked around. I knew I would not be getting any sleep for a while. Rose was snoring, (also complicating the sleeping factor, mental note- get to sleep before Rose), and Celia looked awfully peaceful.

I turned in my bed, to look at the clock on the wall. 1:21A.M. Beams of moonlight shone through the now receding clouds to dance like silver water on the plastic tile floor. A perfect night for stargazing, I thought.

I got up, silently praying that the bed would not creak. It did not and I made my way up to the top deck, where the scene of the day had taken place, my apparent jumping overboard. Well I guess it was yesterday now. I know, you do not have to say I am confusing and random.   

To my relief, I found the top-hatch without much effort unlike in my unsettling dream. I do not know how much time I spent laying in the middle of the top deck looking up, seconds, minutes, hours.

Time becomes unknown when you slow down enough to catch up with it.

I found Orion’s Belt, the mother and son bears, even the swan. The skies were so clear, inviting almost. I whispered into their infinity the stories that gave their bright occupants their names. Whenever I finished a story, I would pause and converse with the sky. It spoke with light. I understood each twinkle and responded. When the stars stopped, I would begin another story.

At one point in the dark morning, the stars stopped speaking and wouldn’t answer to anything.

When the star language slipped away from me, and I sighed, content. I wonder if there is someone out there just like me, and they are lying out and missing their past, I thought. “And waiting for a future,” I whispered. A tear escaped my eye, and I sighed again.

“Savanah?” With that one word, my moments were gone and reality caught back up to me. I quickly wiped the tear away; no one could ever see me cry. It is weak.

I rolled over and sat up on my elbows; sure enough, Zak was standing there in the hatchway.

He looked like he might have been angry, but I could not really see his face in this blackness. “What’re you doing out here? You’re going to freeze!” he whispered, not that there was a need, no one was around but us.

“Stargazing,” I told him, and he shook his head. “What?” I asked. I mean seriously, stargazing is awesome! And then he walked out with a fleece blanket.

I was astounded! Since when did he care about me? How did he know I was up here? Why did he come up here anyway? “How did you know I was up here, and why’d you come?” I did not dare ask the first question, for fear for his answer.

He laid down beside me and threw the blanket out on top of both of us; it was huge, and irresistibly warm. But I was still mad at him, so with my classic class, I turned over and crossed my arms over my chest, but did not dare refuse the warmth of the blanket, it made me realize how cold I really was.

I was prepared to give the silent treatment after receiving answers. “I heard something outside my door and remembered you. So I came to check on you and you weren’t there and I figured you were up here. Not wanting to lose you overboard again, I came up here. Plus if you weren’t hanging off the rail, I knew you might cold because in situations like these, you usually don’t think to bring warm things,” he finished, chuckling.

His silence next was expectant, but I did not care, I was still angry. Zak sighed. “I’m looking at you. You’re not still angry at me for yesterday, are you? Honestly, it was your fault anyway…” I stayed silent even though he had hit it right on the nail.

I heard him sigh again and move a little. Then his hands were on my shoulders. As soon as they connected, a shrugged him away, but he moved closer still.

I almost got up, but he got on top of me, pinning my face to the steel, and then I did not struggle. His hands were molding the shape of my shoulders, messaging them in a way that made me so tired. I started to ask myself boundless questions like- Why the heck was he doing this? What did he want from me?- but then I stopped, because I didn’t care and I decided that it doesn’t matter.

Better to survive in the now than to dwell in the past.

His legs were on either side of my torso. He held himself up so that I felt none of his weight. I shifted lightly so that my face was not flat against the steel. I was paralyzed in relaxation. Zak ever so gently pulled my arms above my head and massaged my hands, forearms, neck, back, and lower back, repeating. It was something that kept you in between reality and dream world. Then he stopped and got off me.

I stayed unmoving and he met my eyes, amused at my expression probably. “Don’t stop,” I sighed. He raised an eyebrow. “I forgive you for everything, it was my fault anyway. And a stupid argument too,” I said, repeating what had been obvious.

“Whatever,” he said. Then he turned me over and started massaging the palm side of my hands and so on again. “Tell me something. What were you dreaming tonight?”

I stayed silent. “Please tell me,” he pleaded. I was pretty sure I shook my head. His hands fluttered along my ribs and down to my stomach.

I opened my closed eyes and looked at him. “You know, if you learned to not be ticklish, it’d free up the time I use for saving you,” he told me.

I gasped when I felt his warm hands on my skin and the painfully unbearable sensation. “Don’t tense up, just relax,” he said. “That’s how you reflect it, just give it. But heck, you’re so tense all the time now it’s no wonder you jump a foot when someone touches you.”

I could not move and I did what he said, still paralyzed. He pulled my shirt up to the fine line right before my bra. I tried to resist but his grasp put my arms above my head again. “Wait, just let me loosen your pressure points, it’ll help you sleep.”

“Huh?”I do not know what he did, it just made me gasp for a moment in pain, my back arching upward, and then a warm feeling flooded through me and then I collapsed.

“How did you know that I have trouble sleeping?” I whispered. He laughed.

“Doesn’t everyone, I can practically hear your tossing and grumbling from my room, heck I feel sorry for Rose, and that’s saying something,” Yep, feeling sorry for Rose was the ultimate degree of horrid.

“Where’d you learn this?” I asked. I was curious to know what this was, whatever he had done to me.

He looked down into my eyes, like he could see my whole life. Yeah, right! a voice in the back of my head retorted, rudely erupting my serious moment. Those are scarce in my presence. “I’m studying to be a physical therapist, now, what did you dream about tonight,” he countered.

I sighed. “I dreamed I was trapped under the sea.” Surprisingly, he laughed again.

“Like the Little Mermaid?”

I frowned. He tickled me and I flinched away. His paralyzing spell nearly broken as I called on my muscles natural responses of defense. It did not work, like always. I almost got up to run to the door, but fell forward instead. Zak caught me.

“Whoa steady. You can’t do such a sudden action like that just after being so relaxed, and you were so tense before,” he told me.

I groaned, my limbs felt so heavy and my head was spinning. He picked me up in the firefighter’s fashion. With one arm he held me, bent down and picked up the blanket. He wrapped it around us and walked over to the wide railing seat.

I looked out over the ocean, listening for my, our symphony. Half of my conscious mind knew that we would not hear it; it was just a dream after all.

I wanted Zak to hear it. I replayed it in my mind until my eyes drooped. Zak gently pushed my face against his super warm chest. Then he started stroking my hair. I was gone within five minutes.


“Hey, wake up you,” I heard. I blinked rapidly feeling awesome having had a surprisingly dreamless but short sleep. Then other voices reached my hearing.

The first thing I saw was Zak’s face, and then everyone on the railing. “How’d you sleep?” he asked teasingly.

I ignored the jibe. “What time is it?” I whispered.

“A little after seven,” he told me. Then I fully realized where I was and opened my eyes wide.

“Have we not left all night? Why is everyone up here?” I asked bewildered.

“Well, I didn’t want to wake you by moving.” I smiled.

“You didn’t last time,” I reminded him.

He grinned back. “So you found out about that huh. When Celia didn’t find you this morning, or me, she woke everyone up and searched the boat,” He explained. “I told them we got up extra early because we didn’t know what time the sunrise was and you dozed off waiting,” he whispered back.

I looked appreciatively at him; he was a good liar, and distracter.

I looked out over the water like last night. The sun was barely peaking over the horizon, and yet the vast expanse of water ahead was blood red.

Suddenly, the air got really charged, static-y. I did not want to believe my eyes when I saw the too-black clouds flying toward us fast, way too fast like a mad flock of geese.

Don’t ask. (Inside scary story.) It involves cheese, string and afros.

Had they not been going away last night? Maybe they changed their minds, a scared little voice said.

The waves then thrashed, like they were dancing the death ritual that happened often. I had only seen waves like this once. I had to say bad things happened around me.

It got dark in a heartbeat and I heard everyone either screaming or yelling. I half expected the boat to blow up any second so fire and water could reunite, bloody once again. Zak pulled me closer, but I fell to the steel beneath us when Captain Sabin yanked Zak to his feet.

“We have to seal the hatches and get inside, wade it out! Sorry kids, no sunrise today!” he yelled. I laughed though none heard me. It seemed like everything looked slower from then on. Captain Sabin had already entered the hatch, assuming we were following. But no one had moved. I stayed planted on the ground while everyone pointed at something or screamed or whatever and I looked at the ocean. Right then I saw a killer whale jump out of the water. All my senses shut down and there was nothing, and then I saw its eye and everything zipped back to me. I could see the color of the iris from here. Clear sky blue. I screamed then. Pain was hitting me from everywhere, like I was being stabbed by deadly needles. But the funny thing was that now I realize that the pain was all in my head. I blinked away tears, had I really saw anything out over that jumping expanse. Probably not, I decided. Suddenly something was not right and everyone was staring at me, so far away they were. I looked up, I don’t know why, it felt right I guess. I saw it before I felt it. A flash of bright white, lightning. I could not open my eyes, they were probably blind anyway. It felt like an eternity before it subsided. It was weirdly satisfying sensation. It was like nothing I had ever felt before, like you did not and would not ever know it unless it happened, and if it happened, you would be eternally addicted. Then I fell, totally limp, to the ground and saw Zak, upside down in slow motion coming toward me and shouting. I knew I should understand, and yet I did not. Then the ship started shaking violently and I had the strange sense of being moved. The ship had cracked and our part was being turned vertical. I thought back to the Titanic. How many had they saved? Six? Out of what, a thousand? I think I heard someone shout. “We’ve hit a massive thermal tunnel,” and then another, “I love you guys! I’ll wait for you up there. Good-” whoever said that was cut off. “Say your prayers lads!” That was a really good catch phrase, I thought. It was in Pocahontas the movie I think. I did not really know anything else at that point. Suddenly I was airborne with everyone around me, dropping, or rising, I do not know. I looked down at the water that was coming upon me fast and started. I was definitely dropping. It looked like blood, like it was showing our fate. We were falling into the sunrise.

Incoherently guffawing animatedly obnoxiously perhaps escalating conscious orcas    







The End

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