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Dear Journal,

                        It is I, Savanah. I know, I know, weird time for Aladdin. Oh well, I’m bored and Mrs. Huffman said I had to document our trip. XP The one thing I don’t get is why I’m the only one who has to do it. I’m lugging around this journal when I could’ve brought my CD player! Here’s the thing, the only reason I’m doing this is because she wants to know how well I can write. What the heck!? And she’s giving me extra credit if she likes it. Mrs. Huffman never likes anything though, the hag, besides, extra credit? Like I need it! I don’t even want any, but hey, I didn’t have a choice. My foster guardian made me do it and told me extra credit is always something good to get. Also, I didn’t tell her, Mrs. Huffman called her, and, of course I got a lot of grief for that and not wanting to do it. It’s like she knew I wouldn’t tell her so she did the one thing that would ensure this torture. Now, I’m stuck with this plagued journal and no CD player. Did I mention my lack of anything made in this century?! No: cellphones, i-pods, mp3-players, i-phones, laptops....the list can just keep on going. My friends won’t let me listen to their high-tech stuff either, and Ben's got an I-Phone! It’s like they’re in on the abuse and don’t care. Mrs. Huffman, you said to write about your feelings. Well, here they are, I hope you enjoy reading this.

May 1st, 2011


I ripped out my not-so-handywork, balled it up and threw it in the trash bin with extra precision. I closed the journal, angry for a lot of reasons, pondering what Mrs. Huffman would say if all my future entries were as obnoxious as this. And if she ever saw that....

I laughed, imagining her face. Abruptly, I turned mad again. Did I ever mention that I am very emotional, and that my moods are quite miscellanious? Well, sorry, but now you know.

I was to write one page each day. Fuming, I peered out the window. The commanding officer, Captain Sabin had told the students when sunset was in case they wanted to observe it or if they were doing extra credit for Science.

(note- if something is underlined, that means that I'm not sure of the actual information, or, it comes later in the story XD)

Sunset in Hawaii’s time zone was apparently at 5:41P.M. Every class had offered an extra credit project to do on this trip except Math, the one class I was doing poorly in. 

Being slightly dislexic, and in the advanced Math class, (why the hell did they do that?!), makes me and all those numbers mortal enimies. In summary, I have slacked, only occasionally.... 

It seemed that this cruise was booked more for academic reasons then for enjoyment; (duh, I am playing Captain Obvious), of course, I should have realized that already, hehe.

It was 5:35P.M., and I am alone in my cabin, all the others had gone to “explore” the ship.

Ok, so this was not the cruise. The cruise was going to Alaska to learn about global warming while the other trip was going to Hawaii to learn about their agriculture, and spend a week in the jungle. The transportation to both is by water. Guess which one I am on, nope, not Alaska. Hawaii, yes, good job!

The two trips were open for Senior High. Zak, Michael, Rose, Ben, Celia, Brandon and I were the only ones going to Hawaii. We all just thought, what the hey? and decided that we would make this one of our awesome memories together.

Also, I failed to mention that this privileddge was only open to the students passing the A.P. courses.

Just so you know only about a seventh, maybe, of the students had signed up and almost all of them had chosen the Alaska cruise, most of my other friends, that is. But I have not regretted my decision yet. Besides, I thought, we only spend four days out of the two week 'field trip' on the boats. Plus, there is a lot more time, room and fun for us to have with such a small group.

I glanced at my watch, 4:37P.M., I am glad the ships were in sync with the correct time-zone, because I was still in NC time.  The clock on the white-wash walls said 5:37 P.M. Make mental note, I thought. Set watch according to Hawaii‘s time-zone.

Letting out a sigh, I thought about secretly listening to Rose’s I-pod, but thought better of it. If Rose found out....the grief just wasn’t worth it, or the hurting. “What the heck,” I said outloud. “Let’s go watch the sunset.”











The End

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