The Sun's RevengeMature

Demon Goddess, Aset - also known by the Greek name of Isis, is on a war path. Her twin brother, Iah, has been murdered, leaving her as the last of her pantheon and she's not coping with the prospect. The only clues her brother was able to give her are the name of a real OtherWorld hangout and the name of a Fallen, a descendant race of the now extinct Angels.
Without Iah to ground her with sense and reason, Aset's a loose and very deadly cannon with enough Power to cause an Armageddon - the OtherWorld version

She wrinkled her nose. She hated clubs like this, full of Goth, Punk, and Vampire Wannabes. They did her head in. The only problem was, how was she going to smuggle her gun in? Places like this were filled with kids liable to slit their wrists for shits and giggles and for that very reason the three identical bouncers on the door searched everybody before they went in. Anything deemed dangerous was confiscated until they left the club.

                Aset stood on the opposite side of the backstreet to the club, the street was wide enough to let a single car pass but not many came down here. They were in the depths of the city, the roughest area but it didn’t bother her. She leaned idly up against the bricks that made up the back of a building, arms crossed over her chest and one foot resting flat against the wall while the other held her weight.

                Decked out in tight black leather trousers that rode low on her hips, chunky black boots that came up to her knees and hid numerous knives, a snug leather bomber jacket with the collar turned up and a pair of black gloves that fitted her like a second skin, she cast an imposing figure and she made sure the three huge bouncers had each caught her eye at least once when they flashed their alert eyes over towards her.

                No doubt they could already see her gun, she doubted whether anyone in the line of people waiting to be admitted had missed it. She wore it on a thigh holster she’d strapped on the outside of her trousers, the belt that attached to the holster was also black but the silver gun stood out and glittered in the moonlight. Let them see it, let them think what they liked, they may even be lucky enough not to see her use it. She was dangerous, the air around her was thick with it. When she aimed and shot, she didn’t miss, but let them think it was just for show.

                From the outside the club looked pretty discreet, simple double doors guarded by the three bouncers led into a hallway where you chose to split off into one of three floors; upstairs was for V.I.P’s friends of the owner etc, ground level was your run-of-the-mill club where anyone could go with music, drink and sex at the ready, downstairs now that was a different story. Downstairs was as heavily guarded as the first floor, only a special sort of person was allowed downstairs and the requirements included not being entirely human.

                Aset smirked at the thought, she’d fit right in then. Her caramel skin was, however, out of place amongst the line of people and the bouncers who rigidly guarded the door. The others were either naturally an intense pale or had put on makeup to fit in. Hair colour and calibre of outfit ranged however, from lace and ruffles of the depicted Vampires from periods gone to the new age Goth Punk look that came with tattoos, piercings and multicoloured hair. The bouncers, like Aset, were more classically clothed, head to toe in black leather.

                She’d been waiting a long time, out in the open and hidden before that, for someone to come out and greet her. She knew those in line would take whispers of her into the club with them and even the bouncers had to have reported her lingering, her blatant show of her gun. Eventually it came.

                One of the bouncers put his hand to his ear, as if listening to an ear piece, he said something into his jacket’s lapel and then shared a grin with the other two men before all three glanced over at her. Aset smirked and pushed herself away from the wall. The line suddenly fell silent as they watched her walk across the street with a walk that screamed predator and danger like nothing they’d ever seen, not even within the walls of Club Undead.

                “You got any more weapons on you?” one of the bouncers asked.

                Aset flicked her silver gaze to him and he took a step back, from over the street they hadn’t seen the true colour of her eyes and she knew the door was guarded by men who’d know what her silver eyes meant, “What do you think?” she asked tauntingly.

                Another of the bouncers swore and spoke into his lapel, “Boss, you’re going to want to come down here, you’ll have to see this for yourself,” there was a muffled reply that sounded angry but the bouncer wasn’t concerned, he was still eyeing Aset warily. She smiled pleasantly at him, flashing her sharp and curved canines in the process. Now those first in line stepped back as well, while Aset tucked her hands into her back pockets and watched the bouncers squirm as they waited for the owner, the ‘official owner’, to come down and meet her.

                JJ Simmons wasn’t actually the man she’d come here to see but he’d do for now. Unlike the Wannabes in line and no doubt in the ground floor of his club, JJ’s fangs weren’t fake and the threat he posed to Aset all too real. And yet there she stood waiting to confront him, when she knew he didn’t have enough power alone to take her out but he had at least eight other Vampires inside the club that he could call on telepathically to help. Silver eyes marked her as one of the rare True Demon Born, but she held only half of the power; her twin, Iah, held the other half. But he’d been brutally murdered not three weeks before and she was still traumatised by the severing of their intimate link. She hadn’t recovered her full strength yet, she hadn’t regained control of her emotions or her power or her strength. She didn’t know, if by metaphysical law, that she should wield all of brother’s powers as well as her own now. She couldn’t bear to think about it, she only had one lead as to his murder and that was JJ Simmons and his Club Undead – or more specifically a man she’d find in JJ Simmons’ company.

                The man whose name was on the deeds to the club slammed his way out of the double doors, annoyance clear on his face. He paused and stared at Aset when he finally saw her, his mouth twisted into a mocking grin as he took studied her.

                “She’s not a threat boys,” he gently scolded his bouncers, his voice melodic and soothing, holding the tell tale signs for those who knew of a Vampire talent called Compulsion. Whereby he could persuade anyone to do anything he wanted, here he was only calming his bouncers, assuring them they’d have no trouble from her.

                “But boss, her eyes—“ one of the bouncers began.

                “Mark her, I know, but she’s not strong enough to cause any trouble,” JJ glanced at Aset, smiling knowingly, “Nothing we can’t handle anyway, if you’ll follow me? You can keep your trinkets, they won’t help you anyhow,” he added and then turned and headed back into the club.

                Aset paused and smiled at the bouncers before following the Vampire into his lair. Something she’d always been ordered not to do. Funny, since her brother had been taken from her the desire to follow orders given to her had fled. Sense and safety had nothing to do with it, she’d become addicted to the thrill of any danger she walked into and the elation of being able to walk away with her life.


JJ Simmons led Aset upstairs, to the lounge where he and those specially invited played and fed. Without thinking about it Aset drank everything in, every crack in the wall, every sound from downstairs and above, every colour, every escape root and most importantly every Vampire they passed was noted in her impeccable memory.

                The stairs led onto a large landing filled with soft sofas and chairs and currently playing host to three Vampires that lounged around. They all stiffened as they caught sight of Aset’s eyes but JJ ordered them to relax and sent one of them to fetch his other guests from downstairs. The blond Vamp went without question but glared at Aset as she went. JJ led her into a large plush office, a huge oak desk sat next to heavily draped windows, it was tidy, obsessively so but then so was the rest of the room. Another desk sat in the corner of the room, a series of tv monitors in the wall above it that showed almost every conceivable angle from each of the club’s three floors as well as outside in the street. One showed an empty expanse of street directly opposite the club, Aset smirked; so they’d known she’d been waiting then.

                JJ settled in the leather chair on the opposite side of his desk and waited for his other guests to be brought in. Aset stood in the centre of the room, facing JJ, feet placed apart in a fighter’s stance while she held her hands loosely behind her back. She regarded JJ with the same intensity as he gave to her and didn’t even glance over her shoulder when her ears picked up the almost nonexistent sounds of a group of Vampires entering the room. JJ raised an eyebrow at her trust in him.

                “What makes you think that I haven’t ordered my men to kill you upon entering the room?” he asked as the door gently closed, shutting her in with six Vampires.

                Aset smirked, “I’ve piqued your curiosity, you’ll at least hear me out before ordering my death,” she said.

                “Assy?” one of the group behind her asked and Aset gasped as if her very breath had been knocked from her lungs, her eyes shot open and she whirled, her hand plucking her gun from it’s holster in an instant as she levelled the weapon at the Vampire who was supposed to watch her brother’s back.

                “Traitor,” she snarled, anger making her usually slight Egyptian accent so thick the men around her could barely understand. JJ stood rapidly, becoming as tense as the other four Vampires while the one Aset was glaring at with such fury the air around her had begun to fizz and crackle with the intensity of it stood still.

                Drake looked confused as he stepped forwards, hands held out as if he was approaching a wild animal – little did the others know that Aset was as wild as they came, “Assy, what are you doing here? Where’s Iah? He’d never let you come here alone,” he murmured gently and none of them missed the flash of flooring pain that flooded the air around her, “Assy, where’s Iah?” Drake pressed.

                Aset’s face contorted with pain, “You were supposed to guard his back!” she snarled, “Where the fuck were you when he needed you?” she asked.

                “Where’s Iah, Aset? What’s happened?” Drake asked, stepping forwards and close enough that the barrel of her gun now pressed into his chest.

                Aset glared up at him, “You don’t even know what happened do you?” she asked, “Have you even questioned why Iah hasn’t contacted you in the last three weeks?” she demanded.

                Drake frowned, he had but, “Why are you here without Iah?” he asked again, his voice dangerous but concerned.

                Aset slapped out at him with the power she was struggling to control and sent him flying, “My brother’s dead, Drake,” she hissed, “Stabbed in the back, a back you were supposed to be guarding, but you weren’t around, disappeared off in the dead of night,” she sent a disgusted look over her shoulder at JJ Simmons, “At least I now know whose dog you are.”

                “Dead?” Drake echoed hoarsely, the shock of it finally hitting him hard enough to force him to his knees, “Assy, I didn’t know, he knew I’d been ordered to JJ’s side, he knew that! Assy, you have to believe me, I wouldn’t have left him if he’d been in any danger, Izzy,” he pleaded and Aset whimpered at the nickname only her twin had ever used before. It was the shortened name of the Greek translation of her name, Isis, not many people knew it.

                “What the hell is going on, Drake?” JJ demanded.

                Drake held Aset’s furious gaze until she dropped her eyes, it was the only sign of her backing down that he’d get and only then did he reply to his master, his voice still thick with pain and loss, “You know I guard one of the True Demon Born when I’m not here,” he pointed out, “And you know only the Egyptian’s hold any real power, you’ve heard of Iah, God of the Moon?” he asked, JJ nodded tersely. Drake glanced back at Aset who still had her gun levelled at his heart, “You’re in the presence of his Throne, his twin sister Aset, sometimes called Isis by the Greeks and Goddess of the Sun amongst other things. She’s now the only Demon who could take all of us down, Iah was the other,” he added in a whisper, a gentle warning to both his master and the others that Aset was a force to be feared. Aset noted that bit of information, confirmation about her having most of Iah’s powers as well as her own now.

                “The Moon’s Throne?” JJ repeated before he laughed and fell back into his leather chair, “What brings you into my lair, Isis?” he asked.

                Aset turned to glare at him over her shoulder, her aim lowered ever so slightly on Drake’s chest, “You’re not worried about the gun I’m holding to your man’s heart?” she asked.

                JJ laughed again, and Drake winced knowing what would follow if his master pissed off Aset, “No, it’s just a gun, it won’t kill him only hurt him.”

                Aset did something unsettling then, she grinned, a purely malicious grin that sent shivers down all the men’s spines, “Not just a gun, JJ,” she taunted, “A gun of pure platinum holding bullets of gold, expensive but worthy insurance in a house full of Vampires,” her evil grin widened as she saw JJ glance nervously at the gun. But she did something else to shock them, as quickly as she’d drawn the gun she’d tucked it back into place in her holster. JJ’s eyes widened at her show of trust that he and his men wouldn’t turn on her.

                “What do you want?” he asked suspiciously.

                “My brother’s last words were ‘Find Rousan, Club Undead’, you’ve no idea how many Vampire Wannabe clubs are called Club Undead,” she pointed out idly, “It took me three weeks to come across a name I knew to be a true NightStalker. I’m looking for my brother’s murderer,” she added bluntly, “I know Rousan by reputation, but am only looking him up because Iah told me to, I have no idea what the link is.”

                “You walked into a Vampire’s lair freely and armed with a weapon that can truly kill us, why should we hospitable? What made you think we’d help? It’s not a sensible line of thought now is it?” JJ asked.

                Aset regarded him calmly, she lost her smile and just watched him, “Vampires have clan wars that wipe out many of their number every hundred or so years, as a species on the whole you’re used to death and massacre – it comes with the territory. I may be a Demon Goddess, the Moon’s Throne and Lady of the Sun but I’m the last of my kind now that Iah has been taken from me. We were the last by a good three hundred millennia, long before Vampires had even dreamt of evolving. I’m not at all accustomed with grief, I’ve lived at a distance from humans my entire life and don’t enter their lives enough to miss them when they die,” her face hardened, “I’m alone and without Iah to ground me with reason and sense I have none, nor hope nor any real plan for how I’m supposed to spend the rest of eternity without my brother by my side. It’s made me ruthless, it’s made me hunt for that elation of walking into danger knowing I may not come out with my life and made me strive for that brief moment where I feel truly alive when I do walk out of any such situation,” she fixed JJ with a stare he couldn’t escape from, “I’m slowly going mad, I’ve lost my other half; a sun without moonlight doesn’t and can’t function – the only peace I’m ever going to find is when I steal the life of the being that took my brother from me,” she said quietly, her voice ringing with the threat and a promise that they all had no doubt of her keeping.

                “And after that?” JJ asked.

                Aset’s eyes turned frosty as she glared at Club Undead’s owner, “I’ll be fucked if I know,” she answered truthfully, “Where’s Rousan?” she asked, turning the conversation back to where it should be.

                JJ shrugged unhelpfully, “He may not be in tonight, I don’t keep tabs on the man,” he answered, but somehow Aset doubted that very much.

                Aset bit back a growl, instead she smiled pleasantly at him, “Am I inhuman enough to qualify for the basement?” she asked.

                The Vampires behind her shifted uneasily, “Boss, that may not be such a good idea, there’s a load of Shades down there, as well a few Weres – you know how most react to her sort,” one said uncomfortably.

                Aset smirked as JJ squirmed under her eyes, he sighed heavily and rubbed a hand across his eyes, “I know, Von, I know but this is,” he sighed again, “Von take her downstairs, Drake,” he called warningly as the Vampire JJ had called Von turned and opened the door, the others following him, “I want a word, Drake,” he added and Drake reluctantly held back while the others filed out of the room before Aset. Aset followed but paused when Drake reached out to catch her arm.

                “Don’t touch me,” she snarled under her breath.

                “I want to know everything, I’ll come for you in a while,” he said, his tone non negotiable and Aset knew the Vampire well enough to know he’d keep his word.

                Aset pulled her game face on and let nothing show in eyes, she nodded once and then tugged free of his grip to leave the room and slam the door behind her. The four Vampires that had been in the room with her watched her warily, the three that had been up here when JJ had brought her to his office were still here. The two females laced over the one male but they’d frozen to regard Aset with a heavy suspicion.

                She rolled her eyes before pinning Von with them, “Shall we?” she asked.

                Von gulped nervously but nodded all the same and turned to lead her downstairs. The door to the basement was guarded by yet another large Vampire, to his credit he didn’t step back when Aset met his gaze he only pointed to her gun.

                “You’re not going to want to take that down there,” he pointed out.

                Aset smirked and held her arms out, palms up, “You gonna make me?” she taunted, drawing attention from those just being admitted to the club.

                To her surprise, the bouncer laughed, showing fang as he did so, “You know full well that I can’t touch a platinum gun with gold bullets in it, girl, so no I’m not going to make you,” he clarified before looking to Von, “I take it the big guy brought her in with the gun on her?” he asked and then grinned when Von nodded, a little nervously, “Fine,” he said and with a flourish and an otherworldly bow he opened the double doors and stepped aside.


The End

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