The Sunrise Twins

These twins were always thought to be different... but not in the way they expected.


I want to make this a collaborative work, because I want different personalities for my characters. I'll write the basic stuff in the Author Guidance. Write who you want to play, and how you'll make the personality, and let me get back to you!
Here's the idea - the Twins discover they have magic powers, and that magic exists, but the ones who DO know that magic exists - alot of magical beings don't - don't reveal it to ANYBODY. The Twins have magic powers that exceed others. They are meant for bigger purposes. Holly finds them and is their mentor. Jason has a strange connection with one of the thirteen Lords of Evil (dreams, sees through his eyes, etc). Alice follows them after they meet her. Jamie is  a clairovoyant . Both Elena and Darren are magical, but are evil.
Oh! And Jamie's power is over ice, while Jason's is fire.
So, help me find something!



The End

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