The Birds Will Always Sing

 A few days ago, I had noticed a family coming and going. They were crying, and the only one not crying was the boy. He was about my age, maybe 14 or 15, and he looked just as sick as me. I hoped his bed wouldnt be anywhere near mine. I hate when other patients are placed near me. There is an extra bed in my room, and everytime someone is placed there I demand they get taken out.

But that was until they placed Jet in my room. The boy who i saw coming and going was Jet Morrison. He was a 15-year-old kid, with rough-looking blonde hair that kissed his eyebrows, and very nice deep, brown eyes. He was just the kind of kid you think would ding-dong-ditch his neighbors house. Or so you would think.

The day he was placed in my room, I called for the nurse, whose name was Cathy.

"Cathy." I said, "I don't like people in my room. Why is there a boy here?"

"Keacha, this is Jet. Hes your new room buddy. And this one has to stay darlin'. Hes very sick and he needs company 'cuz his parents'll be outa town."

I stared down. What parents leave their kids in a hospital with Cancer, and leave?

"Ok. I suppose he can stay. For now anyway."

Cathy smiled and walked over to introduce me to him.

"Jet this is Keacha. You two are gonna be room buddies."

He smiled sheepishly, then in a soft voice said "Hi Kach."  The nurse quickly explained that he had throat Cancer, which made it difficult to pronounce certain syllables.

 I didnt mind at all. Kach was better than Peachey Keacha.

The End

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