The Sun Will Always Shine

I wish God never made the sun shine. I wish he had never made the birds sing. I wish....I wish....

I wish I was dead.

Life these days just keeps getting worse and worse. First, my dad dies. He was hit by a car and died. One day, I was sitting at the table eating dinner with him. The next, he was gone. Erased from the Earth by God's large pencil. And then what did my mom do? She moved us to a new town, where everyone called me Peachey Keacha. But that's not my name and they know it. My name is Keacha Lane, but somehow they always seem to forget im human and have feelings too.

The next bad thing that happened was on a sunny day, where the birds were singing and everything was green, I went to the doctor. And then the doctor dropped a bomb so large on my head, that I dont think I will ever recover.

I had Cancer.

I had always thought kids of 13 didn't get Cancer. Well, i think i knew, but didnt want to ever think it would happen to me. And then bombs exploded all around me and i had to face the truth.

But thats not even the worst part. The worst part is my sister Alana had Cancer a year before me. And she died. She was only 4, a sweet little toddler who was frightened by the doctors equipment and large needles. A sweet little toddler, who is now exploring Heaven.

I wish I was dead.

Ive had Caner for a year now. The doctors say I only have about a week to live. Why couldn't it be a day? Everything I love it dead. Everything to live for is gone.

I must have said something out loud because my mom came over to my bed and started to sob. She has gotten so emotional these past few years. She used to be as tough as a brick she is a human waterworks, and I wish she would stop crying for me. Alana was something to cry about. Dad was something to cry about. But not me. I don't deserve it. No one really cares about me, Peachey Keacha.

The End

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