Chapter One: 6 Years Later...

It was a quiet night in the kingdom of Malisteria. A cold breeze swept through, keeping most people in their houses. One person found the cool night to be relaxing. A young girl sat on the roof of the Black Castle. She was obviously one of The Master’s servants. No one else in their right mind would dare to even think about going near that place. The wind tugged playfully at her unnaturally short hair, making it look more messier than it normally was. Her skin was pale like it hadn’t ever seen the sun much; which wasn’t necessarily true. She wore a loose black shirt that was tucking into a pair of dirty black pants. She pulled the hood of her cloak over her head as she watched the sky. In her hand, she toyed nervously with a small, diamond shaped spike. One of the many she kept on her person.

Behind her, a strange, older, blonde haired woman appeared out of nowhere. One minute the girl was alone and the next she wasn’t. The blonde lady wore tight black clothing with belts that held various different weapons. She stood with a straight posture, arms folded and watched the younger girl.

“What do you want, Nereza?” There was no surprise in the girls tone or form. She didn’t even glance back to look at who it was. She just kept her eyes on the stars.

“I thought I’d find you out here,” Nereza said with a smile. She walked over to her.

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“I was bored and thought I’d come find my favorite niece,” Nereza sat down next to her.

“Oh really? Is that all?” The girl obviously didn’t believe her.

“Come on Raven, can’t we just hang out like two girls would?” Nereza nudged her niece playfully. Raven just kept her eyes on the sky.

“Nereza, I know you. You always have something else. I’m  guessing this time we’ve got orders from The Master?” Raven spoke with a dull tone.

“You’ve been listening in again haven’t you,” It wasn’t a question. Raven’s silence was the answer. Nereza sighed loudly. “Raven, you know what The Master will do if he catches you.”

“You’ve said it yourself! I’m one of the best in The Master’s circle! So why am I the only one who gets cut out of these things?” Raven demanded. Nereza’s answer was a stern look. Raven quickly dropped it. She should know by now that asking questions was dangerous. “What are the orders?”

“According to our informant, the Rebellion is planning on striking the shipment tomorrow just like we planned. You and I are to go with it, undercover, and ‘protect it’.” Nereza said as she stood back up.

“When do we leave?” Raven asked, with a subdued voice.

“Dawn. You may want to get some rest,” With that, Nereza vanished once again leaving Raven alone on the castle roof.


“Give it back! I’ll tell mommy!” Raven’s companions yelled. Raven was much younger and her companion looked the exact same age as her. In fact she looked just like Raven too. Except, Raven had black hair while this girl had blonde hair. “You’re supposed to be nice, Kaileigh!” Raven/Kaileigh laughed at this. In her hand she held a small blonde doll.

“Come on, Maileigh,” Raven pulled the doll out of reach. “You’re almost ten. Don’t you think you’re a little old to be playing with dolls?” Maileigh jumped at her but Raven threw the doll across the room. Maileigh ran after it but Raven was faster.

“Cut it out, Kaileigh! I don’t like this game,” Maileigh had started to cry. Raven sighed and threw the doll back at Maileigh. It had gotten boring anyways.

“You’re such a baby sometimes…” Raven sat down on a large bed that sat on one side of the room. Maileigh headed to another on the opposite side.

“You need to be more nice,” Maileigh snapped back, brushing her long blonde hair out of her eyes. Raven flipped her own black hair back. “Sisters are supposed to be nice. Especially twins.”

“Where’d you hear that?” Raven raised an eyebrow.


“Of course…” Raven flopped onto her back, hands under her head. She stared up at the dark purple canopy that hung around her bed.

“I wish we could be friends…” Maileigh sniffed. Raven sat up confused by this.

“Umm… We are friends.”

“No. All we do is fight… Friends don’t fight…” Maileigh stared at her doll while she spoke. Raven sighed and hopped off her bed. Walking over to Maileigh’s, she twirled her hair.

“Maileigh, we’re sisters. We’re supposed to fight. We’re around each other too much to not fight but we’re still friends. You’re my best friend. I tease you because you’re my best friend.” Raven sat down next to Maileigh. Her sister turned to her in surprise.

“Best friend?” Maileigh’s voice was soft. Raven nodded and put an around around her shoulder.

“Best friend.”


Raven’s eyes opened and she found herself back in her room at the Black Castle. Groggily, she sat up and rubbed her eyes. She swung her feet out of bed where her boots sat and pulled them on. What did all these dreams mean? At first, Raven had just dismissed them. However, now she couldn’t help but feel like they were important. Maybe they were linked with her past. She couldn’t remember anything past her tenth year and that had always bothered her. Every night the dreams were different yet the same. They always involved this Maileigh girl and sometimes there was a brother. Aram was his name. Raven couldn’t shake the feeling like she should know who these people were.

“Good! You’re up,” Nereza’s voice behind her caused her to jump slightly. Nereza raised an eyebrow at this when their eyes met. “Letting your guard down too much. I need your reflexes focused for the job.”

“Have you ever considered knocking like a normal person?” Raven demanded as she fastened her belt with her daggers and spikes.

“But I’m not a normal person and neither are you,” Nereza smiled with a crazed look in her eyes. Nereza hadn’t gone on a job in a little while. It was obvious she was excited. Raven couldn’t deny her own excitement either. It felt good to be going out again. “Come on. We’re in the courtyard.” Then she was gone. Raven sighed before taking a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened them again she was in the courtyard. Teleporting wasn’t something Raven liked to do often. It drained too much energy. Nereza kept telling her she’d get used to it  the more she did it, but Raven liked walkling. It gave her time to think.

“Good you’re here quick,” Nereza was standing next to her. “It looks like we’re ready to leave. Put your hood up and get in the second wagon. I’ll take the first.” Raven examined the two wagons. Around were many of The Master’s servants sitting at the front of each. Raven started walking towards her wagon. “Raven, make sure you stay focused on the matter at hand. Don’t go looking at anything.” There was a warning in Nereza’s voice and Raven could’ve sworn there was concern there too. Raven said nothing and hopped in.

Inside was a single chest. Raven raised her eyebrow at this. It wasn’t even locked… It was large enough for Raven to fit in. What could possibly be in it? Raven, however, knew she had to contain her curiosity. She was already pushing her luck listening in on his meetings. She didn’t need to push it any farther. Knowing The Master, it was probably dangerous.

As the wagon lurched forward, Raven pulled her hood over her head and took a seat.


The End

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