Raven is a highly dangerous assassin who works for the Master. However, she can't remember anything past the age of ten and no one can tell her anything. Asking too many questions can result in a punishment worse than death.
Maileigh is the princess of the kingdom. Seven years ago, a servant of the Master killed her parents and kidnapped her twin sister. Now she's working with the Rebellion to take back her kingdom and find her sister.

“Mother! Father!” Maileigh screeched, tears streaming down her face. Smoke surrounded the young girl, the sound of the battle clouded her ears. Never had Maileigh been so afraid. She felt someone grab her and panicked. “Let me go!”

“It’s me you idiot,” The hiss of her sister’s voice calmed her down. Kaileigh’s face became visible through the smoke. She coughed, tugging on Maileigh to follow. “Keep quiet and come with me. We need to get out of here.”

“What about Mama and Papa?” Maileigh demanded, hysterical. Kaileigh turned her to and grabbed both of her hands.

“They’ll be fine,” Kaileigh assured her calmly. “Cover your mouth and nose with your dress. The smoke will be our death if we can’t get out of here,” Kaileigh pulled her harder. “Now shut up and run!” Kaileigh led them towards a smoke free corridor. Maileigh was trying her best to stay as calm as Kaileigh, but that proved to be more of a challenge than she thought.

“Nereza!” Their father’s voice broke through the frenzy. From the sound of it, he wasn’t that far away. Maileigh began in the direction his voice came from. Kaileigh desperately tried to keep her moving away  but Maileigh wrenched free.

“Papa!” She exclaimed, running after his voice. She found herself in the throne room but ended up being tackled to the ground. Kaileigh placed a hand over her mouth. She had a wild but urgent look in her eyes.

“We’re under attack and you want to go screaming through the hall?”

“Tired yet, Your Highness?” A spine chilling voice interrupted Kaileigh. Slowly, the girls looked up. They were at the edge of the throne room. It front of them stood a strange, blonde haired woman; her back was to them. Her attention, fortunately for the twins, was focused on the king and queen before her. The king’s arm was around the queen’s shoulder, and his sword was pointed at the woman. Quickly, Kaileigh pushed her sister behind a fallen table. They peeked over the table to watch.

“You will pay for this, Nereza!” The king bellowed angrily. He attempted to take a step but almost collapsed. The girls noticed the giant red stain on his right shin.

“How? You have nothing you can use against me!” Nereza cackled. “You already killed everyone I loved and now I’m going to do the same thing to you!” It was scary just how fast her hysteria turned to the absolute loathing that appeared on her face. “Starting with your precious daughters,”

“You lay one hand on them and I swear-” the king’s face darkened and he charged. Kaileigh noticed the dark ball of energy forming behind Nereza’s back. She knew she had to do something.

“Stay here,” Kaileigh whispered to her sister before running out. Maileigh went to follow but found herself chained to the table suddenly. It was a black metal shackle that had appeared out of nowhere. She yanked anxiously at it but kept quiet. Maileigh peeked over the table just in time to see Kaileigh shout, “Father watch out!” as she tackled the crazy woman to the ground just as she released the ball. The king froze as it zoom towards him when a black tinted window appeared before him and shattered the ball. Kaileigh got up to run towards her father but Nereza was quicker. She grabbed Kaileigh’s arm and pulled her back.

“Kaileigh!” The king cried, the surprise was still on his face. A new black ball appeared in Nereza’s hand. A smiled formed on her face. Maileigh knew this couldn’t be good. Her urgency to break the chain grew. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate but found it harder than she would like it. Kaileigh was always better at their gifts than she was.

“Well speak of the devil… I like her. She’s a fighter,” Nereza gave the king a wicked smile before shoving the dark ball into Kaileigh’s head. It passed into it without leaving a mark. Kaileigh’s scream afterwards told a different story.

“No!” The queen ran forward, wanting to save her daughter from whatever torture Nereza was doing to her. Maileigh watched in horror as Kaileigh’s limp body fell to the floor. The chain vanished, but Maileigh was frozen to the spot. The queen knelt down next to Kaileigh, tears streaming down her face as she went to touch her daughter. “Kaileigh?” She whimpered hopefully.

“Oh relax, she’s not dead…” Nereza sounded a little bored. “I’ve just wiped her memories. I’m going to have some fun with this one,”

“How dare you!” The king yelled.

“You stole my daughter from me. I’m only returning the favor. Plus, The Master will love to hear of this when he moves in.” The king let out a loud cry but he didn’t get close to her before falling down dead; a sword embedded in his chest. Maileigh almost let out a cry but a hand covered her mouth. She looked to see Aram, her older brother. Behind him stood her father’s second in command, Haylan. Aram held a finger to his lips as he took his hand away.

“Mai, I need you to listen to me very carefully. We’re going to get out of here,” He whispered. Maileigh glanced back about to protest when she heard her mother yelp. She looked just as the queen fell down, also dead. A strange numbness washed over her as she felt Aram pick her up. As soon as they were out of the room, Maileigh snapped back to reality.

“But Kaileigh-”

“I’m sorry, Mai, but it’s too late for her,” She could tell Aram was struggling to keep his calm composure for her.

“But… But she’s still alive!” Maileigh struggled to get out of his grip. She couldn’t just leave Kaileigh with the crazy woman. “Nereza said she only wiped Kaileigh’s memories. We can still save her!” Aram stopped and put her down in front of him. He put his hands on her shoulders and looked her directly in the eye.

“Aram, we should keep going. We’re almost out.” Haylan said urgently. Aram held up a finger to tell him to stop talking.

“Maileigh, listen to me,” He said, his voice revealing just how tired he was; emotionally and physically. “Nereza lied. Kaileigh’s gone and we have to get out of here before she finds us too.”

“Why?” Maileigh began to sob. All of the days events were finally setting in.

“Because you and me? We’re all that’s left. Now Haylan knows where we can go. Some place safe.” Aram said bluntly. His face softened as his little sister continued to cry. He pulled her in and embraced her tightly. “Things are going to be different now. I need you to be strong. Can you do that for me?” He asked softly. There was a pause before Maileigh nodded her head. “That’s my brave little sister,” Aram then sighed. “And if by some miracle Kaileigh is still alive…” Aram didn’t sound like it was very possible. “Then I promise you we will find her and bring her back.”


“Come on, let’s get out of here before we’re discovered,” He picked her back up and the three of them ran away from the burning palace.


The End

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