The Summons

A flash fiction piece.

The deserted house stood like an ancient and crumbling sepulcher before her. Elise glanced over her shoulder to make sure no one had followed. She must enter this desolate place alone, or else the evil inside might wander into her small town and wreck an unimaginable havoc on all she held dear.

A vivid and horrible dream had come to Elise two nights ago, instructing her to make the small trek to the abandoned house she now stood in front of. A low, terrible voice had threatened unspeakable horrors if the girl did not heed the summons given to her. Elise knew it was more than a nightmare. She knew she must come and deal with whatever evil was hidden within the forsaken structure. 

Clutching the cross pendant that hung on a slender chain around her neck, Elise steadily climbed the stone stairs leading to the front entrance. She listened carefully for any sound coming from within or without. Silence pervaded the dead air. Even the natural sounds of twilight were absent. It was as though she was the only living creature in the surrounding area. 

In a moment of hesitation, Elise whispered, “What am I doing here? I have a feeling I’m going to regret this.” The weather beaten door loomed before her as she reached to open it. The door failed to yield to her efforts of entering. Glancing up, Elise lifted the heavy pewter doorknocker, and then let it fall with a resounding blow. 

Standing back, Elise watched as the wooden door opened slowly, the sound of rusty hinges raping the silence. Taking a deep breath, Elise stepped over the threshold and disappeared into the enveloping black void. 

The End

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