Chapter 2Mature


I’ve never quite understood those who question religion. Must it really take the most extreme of proceedings to realise that we are held by a higher power? The answer to said question is of course, yes. I was that person – the one who always interrogated, was cynical and distrustful – but until you’re held on the precipice of biased purgatory, you do not draw a definite conclusion as to whether or not God is real.

The events of what happened in our once loving family home were indescribable incidents of sheer horror. What you must comprehend is that I uncovered unearthly entities whom are still amongst us and you today in our atmosphere, not yet passed over. But with reassurance I inform you that we fought assiduously until we escaped, to this day, with our lives.

I cannot thank anyone other than him for pulling me from the other side.

The End

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