Chapter 1Mature

Maps tell us where things are, but where is help pinpointed when you need it most?
The young Campbell family had recently relocated to their new, tranquil home in a rural village, fairly distant from suburbia. After a few weeks of residing there, they come to realise that all is not right. Their neighbours do everything possible to avoid them, Daniel's company sees a rapid decline in customers, the children are acting abnormally and their new home reveals a horrifying truth that ultimately re


My name is Joshua Campbell.

I was 14 years old when I providentially survived to see another 10 (and counting) years. I have not since that day disclosed any information regarding the events that happened to my family and myself and if you choose to read this, you do so at your own resolve.

For this you must understand, the following pages depict the truth of what happened in our family home. All information regarding the events will not be available anywhere other than within this book and I profoundly pray these events do not occur again.

God is real. He is amongst us and he shall uncover and summon all evil.


The End

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