Leaving and Sad Goodbyes

"Sorry for making the announcement and causing such a fuss, my intentions were purely for your benefit." Ashkrahm Korum says, still amazed inside about the Eldur Wyrm, a mysterious beast that he himself had only seen once.

"No, I'm fine, thank you for the apology though."

"So, Vanadias," Korum directs his attention away from Shaiya. "What do you think about this?"

"Well, at first I was not very supportive. I didn't want to leave the village, even though Shaiya and I had discussed leaving before. And when this announcement was made, I was shocked. I was also a little angry. But, after some thinking, I decided to concede. So, we'll be leaving together."

"Well, that's wonderful!"


"You know, I was thinking about leaving today." Shaiya suddenly interjected.

Korum looks at her with a quizzical look on his face. "Today? You've barely had any time to think about it."

"I know, but my entire life I've been looking for an adventure. That's why I go through these well known woods, trying to find something different. I was always looking for the odd moment that I would run into something like the legends you tell. This is a dream come true, and I don't want to waste any time."

Korum nods, understanding, but obviously not pleased. "And are you OK with this, Vanadias?"

Vanadias nods, then smiles. "Yeah, I'm fine with it."

"Then, you have my blessing. I pray that you will find joy in the city of Damascus."

"Thank you." Shaiya replies, and then pauses as her eyes swell up with tears. "Thank you," she whispers as she blinks and tears fall down.

Korum takes a few steps towards Shaiya and embraces her. She continues crying onto his shoulder.

"You're welcome."

After some time, Shaiya stops crying and manages to pull herself together. She and Vanadias say goodbye to Ashkrahm Korum and leave. Together, they go back to their individual huts and begin to prepare a pack. When they finish, they leave the village, and go into the forest and onward to Damascus.

The End

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