Making Up and Showing Off

Vanadias went through the woods when it finished raining. Shaiya hadn't come back to the village and he was worried for her. She often went off exploring, but rarely for this long. It was then, that he found her, collapsed upon the ground. In fear he put his fingers on her neck, to find the drum of life, the Jebreen. With thanksgiving, he felt it and sighed a breath of relief.

"I almost thought I'd lost you."

He picks her up and out of the now hard dirt she had gotten stuck in. Smiling widely, he brings her to her hut, leaving her on the bed to sleep. As he turns to leave her alone, his smile broadens, as his joy overflows.


Shaiya wakes up and looks around. She was not in a jungle. She was not dead or mangled. She was, in fact, alive. This shocked her considering she passed out in mud in a rainstorm.

She got up and walked out of her hut into the bright morning. Knowing exactly where she was going to go she walked towards Vanadias' hut. Walking in, with anger, she saw him on the bed still sleeping. Slightly annoyed, she shakes him awake.

He stirs, "Mmm, what's happening?"

He rolled over and rubbed his eyes.

She inhales deeply and speaks. "I think we need to talk about me going to Damascus. I think that if I want-"

"I think it's a great idea." He cuts her off.

She blinks, amazed. "Wait, what? I thought you didn't want to leave?"

"I don't, but you do. And I want to be with you and make you happy." He slides off the bed and sits up. "I love you, Shaiya. And for better or for worse I am going to be around."

Tears well up in Shaiya's eyes, her emotions betraying her attempt at remaining stoic, "Really?"

Vanadias stands up and hugs her tightly. "Yes." And as soon as he says this she begins to cry over his shoulder. "I'm sorry, I know I want to stay here, but you are more important than anything here in this village. And I love you, and I will be there for you. Besides, someone needs to make sure you don't collapse again."

Shaiya chuckles through her tears. "I'm sorry for overreacting."

"No, it's Ok, you were always emotional."

She laughs then breaks the hug. "I think we should go talk to Ashkrahm Korum."

"Why?" He says with a quizzical look on his face.

"Well, I think I know how to summon now. And he might like to see me do it."


Together they then walk to Ashkrahm Korum's hut. When they get there they walk in and Shiaya smiles at him.

"I think I know how to summon."

Korum looks up at her and smiles, he stands up and hugs her like a father. "Can you show me?"

Shaiya smiles and searches deep within her for one of the strengths. She finds the one from the Eldur Wyrm and smiles gently, realizing the shock that this would be. She shivers as the power surges through her and materializes outside the hut. Korum steps around Shaiya and takes a good look at the giant reptile before him.

"Oh gods, that is amazing."

Shaiya smiles and shivers again as the power surges through her, this time the Eldur Wyrm dematerializes. She then feels the familiar feeling of strength inside of her.

The End

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