Eldur Wyrm

It was raining hard, drenching Shaiya to the bone. The rain stabbed her skin like some purgatorious torture that made a noise louder than the beating of ten thousand drums. As Shaiya was crying she began to hear the crunching of trees and branches in the distance.

It was at that moment that she remembered a legend that Ashkrahm Korum had told her when she was younger. The story about the Eldur Wyrm. It is said that the Eldur Wyrm is the most fearsome beast of the jungle. It comes out only in torrentous rainfall to feast on the flesh of the animals of the jungle. According to legend, it was so large and so strong that even the largest of trees snapped when it walked through them.

Fearfully, she turned her head and surely, through the wall of rain, she saw the green, scaly head of the large reptile. It roared loudly, startling her. Immediately, she jumped off the log to run away, but she got caught in the mud surrounding it. She turned and faced the Eldur Wyrm with fear, and with the realization that she may just die here and now.

"Why can't I defend myself!" She cried. "Aren't I some great summoner? Why am I so useless!"

A strength then appeared inside her, reminding her of the Black Panther that she had absorbed. It gave Shaiya hope, some way of knowing that she would live. But the Eldur Wyrm was getting closer with every step. Denying her hope with harsh, cold reality.

"Spirit of the Black Panther, help me!" She screamed.

The screech of a panther resounded through the woods as it appeared suddenly. It bolted towards the Eldur Wyrm and leaped upon its back, flaying its scales and injuring its back. The Eldur Wyrm roared in seeming pain and tried to rub it's back against a tree to get rid of the horrendous itch. It was then that Shaiya had mercy on the Eldur Wyrm and felt compassion for it.

"Eldur Wyrm, if you understand me then listen. I will absorb you, and by doing so you will always be fed, because I am fed; and you will always be given drink, because I am given drink. You will live as long as I live and fight by my side. And most of all, you will be able to forfeit this terrible pain and live within me!"

Shaiya then tried, with all her might, to take her foot out of the mud. But then, to her surprise the Eldur Wyrm began crawling towards her. When it was within arm's reach she placed her hand upon it's forehead.

"Tasphat!" She screamed.

And then, the same pain as before, the same agonizing pain as before. She tried to keep her eyes open and watched as the Eldur Wyrm began to break up into tiny bits and flow into her hand. When finally she was finished and finally the Eldur Wyrm was inside her, she laid down in the mud. Finally, from sheer exhaustion, she passed out. And as she became unconscious the Black Panther disappeared.

The End

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