After lunch was finished the entire population came to Shaiya and blessed her with bruhanas, prayed with her to the gods, and congratulated her on her newfound powers. They also lamented the fact that she would be leaving, and shared memories about when she was so young and innocent. By the end of it all she was tired and cranky and bored of people. But then, she saw Vanadias and time seemed to slow down.

The gentle wind blew across his perfect face, while his white, short cut hair waved gently in the breeze. His icy blue eyes gazed at her as if he couldn't breathe anymore. As he walked towards her, his brown animal skin tunic seemed to bounce with every barefoot step he took. He wrapped his muscular arms around her and grasped her tightly in an embrace, as if he was prepared to keep her even from the jaws of death. His rosy lips connected with hers in an eruption of heady ecstasy as they took a long minute in one another's embrace, as if two were one.

"Oh, wow, nice to see you too." Shaiya said, breaking the kiss and acting dizzy.

He smiled, "I just can't believe you made this big decision without asking me."

"I'm sorry," she looks down, embarrassed. "I just thought that you would come along with me. You know, just like we always talked about."

Vanadias blinked, then paused, then spoke. "I'm sorry, what? You really thought that was going to happen? I thought were joking around. You know, about a hypothetical situation. I don't want to leave. I love this little peice of heaven."

Shiaya looks up, shocked and slightly angry. "So, you never even cared when I told you that I wanted to leave?"

"Hey, I care," he says as he brushes a stray hair behind her ear, "I just don't see the point in it. Why can't you just be happy with a life spent with me, in this village, forever?"

"Because, ever since my parents died I've wanted to leave, and you know that!" She pushes him away as she yells at him. "I want to leave so badly, you have no idea! This place feels like a coffin, each day I spend here is one more day that I'm dying. I am buried under six feet of trees, foliage and wild bush! And if you can't accept that, then I don't know what will happen to us."

"When did this become a fight about us? Hey, listen babe, I'm for us. This is just uprooting us from where we're comfortable. Why should we leave everything behind on a whim?"

Shaiya shakes her head, her black hair cascading down her face, hiding it from Vanadias as she begins to cry. Teardrops fall down her soft, pale cheeks as she cries over arguing with Vanadias. She falls down to her knees and covers her face in her hands. Vanadias, feeling guilty, drops down to comfort her by rubbing his hand on her back and rocking her back and forth in his arms.

"Stop it!" She screams as she shoves him away. Running, she goes off into the jungle, leaving him behind in her sorrow and anger.

She couldn't understand it, how Vanadias could be so cold and uncaring about their relationship, and about something that meant so much to her.

After Shaiya was sure she had gone far enough and was well out of sight, she sat down on a fallen tree and continued crying. And as if that wasn't enough, droplets of rain began to fall from the skies; like tiny, silver daggers meant to pierce her heart.

The End

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