A Normal Day

Shiaya woke up and put her dress on again. It was made of animal hide, Elk, to be specific. And it was dyed blue by the village dyer, her father, who passed away three years ago. She always wore it because it reminded her of her parents, and as a result cleaned it often. But, since the incident, Ashkrahm Korum and his wife had filled in for her parents. She was as loving and caring as a mother and he was as assertive and instructive as a father. They were all Shaiya could ever ask for.

Shaiya decided not to make breakfast, as she had seen that the communal gathering table, the lakshra, was full of people and food. The lakshra was at the center of the oval-shaped village clearing. Around it was enough chairs for all village inhabitants, and we all ate lunch and supper together, as a macabre potluck.

She noticed a free space beside Ashkrahm Korum and his wife and decided to sit there. When she sat on the carved, wooden chair she was handed a plate by Geoffrey, and she filled it up with the food at the table. Starving, she practically inhaled the food; it was all gone within a matter of minutes. She then got seconds and ate that as well. As she was just finishing her second plate Ashkrahm Korum stood up and everyone became silent in order to listen to him.

"My good friends and fellow villagers. I, Ashkrahm Korum, have the pleasure to tell you of a wonderful thing that has gone on in our midst. Within the jungle, early in the morning, yesterday, I heard a scream and went to find the source. And I found this young woman, collapsed on the ground." Gasps and small talk went through the small crowd of twenty villagers. "When she awoke, she told me of a fantastic story, about how a Black Panther had spoken to her and she had assimilated it into her body. As some of you may know, that means that Saiya here is a summoner. Then, we got to talking about further training and together arose to the decision that she should leave for Damascus, a city to the north. And so, this week will be her last week, and I hope that you pray for many Bruhanas in her honor."

Most of the village had mournful looks on their faces. Like Shaiya had already died. For the rest of lunch the tone had definitely changed. Though Ashkrahm Korum had good intentions, even he was uneasy about the sendoff he gave her.

The End

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