The Summoner

A woman, Shaiya, is born by intervention of the gods: Aero, Aquealis, and Flora. But, as she grows older she finds an interesting fact about herself, she can summon.

Shaiya opened her eyes to the thatched hut roof above her and the well weaved bed below her. She rolls over, attempting to go back to sleep, but the sun beams shining through the holes in the roof keep her awake. Admiring them, she smiles and throws back the homemade quilt. Her feet recoil as the cold, hard dirt touches her feet. But regardless, she stands up and looks out the window to a beautiful morning.

Steadily, she gets dressed into her blue dress; it forms to her body nicely. Then, she bends down as she sets the fire underneath her pan. The fire catches almost instantaneously, and heats the pan above it. Shaiya takes two eggs and cracks them both sending their soft, gooey insides into the heated pan. As it collides with the metal it sizzles and the smell of cooked eggs drift around the hut.

Satisfied, she lies on her back and listens to the sizzling of the cooking eggs. And after the eggs are properly and fully cooked she puts the fire out and grabs her wooden spoon from among the circular wall of the hut. Then, she eats the well-cooked eggs with joy and glee; smiling as her taste buds tickle with a pure taste. When the two morsels of food are gone, and she is full, she puts the pan back onto the holder and rises to her feet.

Looking through the curtain of beads that acts as a door to her hut. She sees that no one else is awake, and that not a soul is stirring. Pleased, she decides to go outside into the fresh morning air and explore the terrain of the jungle.

She leaves the hut and walks across the soft grass barefoot. Even though the soles of her feet had calloused over the years she still appreciated the sensation of grass on the soles of her feet. Looking around at the village and seeing the many huts in an ovular shape she smiled. This morning was just a good morning. She felt that things were going to be different today. As if the winds of change were on their way. Perhaps Aero, the god of the air, was being merciful and giving them Bruhana, which meant 'the good wind'.

The line between the village clearing and the jungle was very clear. It was where the light green grass ended and the large weeds and bushes began. As Shaiya made her way through the bushes barefoot, she hardly noticed the large Black Panther perched high in the trees above her. Nor did she notice the small snake, slithering its way around the bushes and dense grass. However, she did notice the screech as the panther jumped off of the tree and attacked the snake.

She screamed and momentarily thought about running away, but she halted. She remembered the words of the village Ashkrahm. That she should never run away from an animal, because they want respect, not fear. And so, though her blood coursed with terror, she stood her ground and simply stared at the panther's cold, dark eyes. The panther had indeed gotten the snake; it was in its jaw, dead. But, something happened that was odd. In fact, Shaiya had never once seen it in her life. The panther spoke.

"Hello," it said, dropping the dead snake carcass onto the ground.

"Hello." Shaiya blinked twice, both scared and confused.

"What is your name?" The panther had a female voice, Shaiya had noticed that much.

"Shaiya, my name is Shaiya."

"My name is Mamre. Tell me child, why do I see the aura of a great shaman about you?"

"I cannot say, Mamre. I am just a woman of the age of 15, not yet even married."

"Shaiya, I think I understand what I see. Since I am old and have no cubs, I will have no fear in doing this."

"Doing what? I have no idea what you're talking about?"

"Shaiya, touch me and whisper 'Tasphat.'"

"Why what will happen?"

Mamre growls, "Simply do it. That is all that I ask."

And so, Shaiya, ever so cautiously and fearfully, stretched out her hand and rested it upon Mamre's head. Then, very tentatively, as if she would be struck dead if she said it wrong, she said the word that Mamre had told her too.


Shaiya screamed as she felt an immense pain course through the arm that was upon Mamre's head. Then, Mamre began to be pulled, as if by some strong force, into Shaiya's hand. Mamre did nothing, as though she felt nothing, but Shaiya screamed and clenched her eyes shut. The pain was unbearable, as if she had been struck by ten thousand lashes at once. She screamed, and when finally the agony stopped Shaiya opened her eyes only to discover that Mamre was nowhere to be seen, nor heard, nor felt. Mamre was gone. But, deep inside of her, Shaiya felt a strange strength, as if some part of her was missing and had finally been restored.

The End

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