Welcome to Andrews, Florida

 A few grueling hours later I stepped out of  Casey's car, to a cute little beach house that Thayer had rented for they're stay there. I'd been texting him the whole way, and he said he couldn't wait to see me. The front door swung open and Thayer ran out, picked me up and spun me around. 

"Lilly Pad!" he scram. He never admitted it but I was his favorite sibling.

"Thayer!" I squealed in-between giggles. He grabbed my bags and put it in my room, before entering the kitchen where I was eating a banana. 

"How's mom?" he asked

"She's good, she misses you a lot."

"Dad misses you too" Vanessa called from her and Casey's room. 

"I don't think I asked that or asked you Vanessa!" Thayer called back, a harsh edge in his voice. Thayer and our dad had a terrible relationship, he wasn't Thayer's biological dad but it was the only dad he knew but he hated him with every ounce in him. Thayer always told me I was the best thing that came out of that relationship, because he and Vanessa didn't have a great relationship either, they tolerated each other and that's why she brought Casey with her. I could tell that wasn't the best way for them to hit it off, I starred out the floor- to- ceiling windows and saw the warm and inviting beach. 

"Wanna go for a swim?" I asked with a grin before I darted to the door "I'll race you" I called over my shoulder. 

The End

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