Car Rides With A Happy Couple After Just Ending Your Relationship Are Always Fun

Lilly just recently got out of a relationship with her boyfriend Brendan who is now a freshman in college and moved to New York while Lilly is now a Junior and still living in Alabama. Vanessa (Lilly's older sister) is now a senior and dating Casey who drove them to Florida to visit Lucas their brother who is now a junior in college.

"Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street, Faster than the wind, passion in a sin, ending so suddenly...

Losing him was blue like I'd never known, missing him was dark grey all alone, forgetting was like trying to know somebody you never met... but lovin him was red"

"Lilly!" my sister Vanessa scram over my blaring Taylor Swift song.

"What?" I asked aggitatedly shoving my beats out of my ears.

"We just wanted to know if you were hungry or if you had to pee or anything or if it's okay for us to keep going for a couple hours..." she trailed off.

"You can keep going" I began as her boyfriend Casey who was driving his Dodge Charger leaned over and nibbled on her ear. "Besides the faster we get there the faster I can get the hell away from you guys.." I continued playing my music and then checked saw I had a new text from Brendan, my now ex-boyfriend.

I'm sorry that things have to be this way but we've known that this was gonna happen. I'll call you and talk to you everyday if you want me to.

I sighed before responding: Don't. It's okay, I'll be fine you need to focus on your classes not me, college is alot different from highschool trust me I know because of Lucas, he tells me everything. I'll miss you... alot but like you said we knew this was gonna happen... life goes on.

I hit send quickly before I could add that I loved him, I knew that wouldn't be the right thing to say it'd make him feel bad for leaving. Brendan and I had dated for almost 2 years and he was my 1st love but now he's off to college, which I am really starting to hate it breaks everyone apart first it took away my brother Lucas and now Brendan.

I guess I should be happy though, I get to spend the next 2 months with Lucas and I'll try to make the best of this summer. Only another hour to go before and I can get one of his amazing bear hugs that I miss to much!

The End

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