Descriptions-Shayla Reid

 Shayla is extremely popular. She is the top of the class and she thinks she rules the school. She has an awesome boyfriend named Derik, who is the captain of every sport. Well, every physical sport. She has the best clothes, the best cars, the best everything. Her dad owns a huge corporation and is a billionaire, but her mom died when she was six. She gets everything she wants and she thinks she deserves everything she wants because she's so special. 

 Shayla has followers like every popular person does. They are Nicole and Taylor and they absolutely adore Shayla. She act like she is their queen. Just like many "queen bees", Sheyla is a bully. She'd mean and hateful to all the "lower" students and even her own group members. She thinks everyone adores her, but they don't. Some people could care less about her, actually. She makes "nerdy" guys do her homework for her, which is the only reason she is passing her classes. She believes she doesn't need to learn anything because she will always have her daddy's money to get what she wants. Who knows how long that will last...

 Shayla has long, curly, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and is about 5' 5". She always has her nails done, each day differently to match her outfit. She is the captain of the cheerleading squad and hates getting dirty. She despises to do so, actually. 

 I know so far I've described as a pretty mean person so, I'll be nice. 

 Earlier I mentioned that her mom passed away when she was six, and since then she's had twelve different step-moms, and none of them gave her the time of day. It's been hard for her to grow up without a mom and she barely has a dad, since he's always working or out with someone. 

 So, now that I've informed you of that, do you kinda feel sorry for her? Or do you still think she's a royal witch? It's your choice. This character is going to surprise you. I hope your ready for it.

The End

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