Descriptions-Winter Windsong

 Winter is one of those people who would be described by the word "Hippie". She believes in peace and love, and practically preaches her beliefs. Even though she is right, there should be more peace and love in this world, no one will listen to her. Her only friend is her little sister, Summer, who is basically her twin, that happens to be 4 years younger. Winter mostly raises Summer because their mother is always high off something or not home and their dads are nowhere to be found. Neither of them. 

 Winter has long, curly, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is 5' 1" and loves nature. She is all about saving the environment. Her attire matches her personality. She dresses like she lives in the '60s. Bell-bottom pants, really bright colored shirts, and flowers in her usually braided hair, is what she wears daily. 

 She never eats anything processed. She always eats fresh food that she grows, not only because she can't afford to buy food, but she thinks it's healthier for her body. The only income she has is from her working at the library. She loves working at the library. She could always think there because of all the peace and quiet. It's one of the she knows of that actually has some peace.

Isn't that sad? Think about it. How many places do you know of that actually have some peace? Is Winter wrong? Should there not be more peace in the world? What do you think?


The End

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