Descriptions-Alex Parker

 Alex is a really shy person, except when it comes to her best friend, Steph. When she is with Steph, she is, well...insane. She's a completely different person around Steph because she is the only person Alex can be comfortable with. Alex isn't the best at 'fitting in', but she's happy with who she is, like we all should be. Of course, there are some things she is unhappy with, like her drunken father, a girl named Christi, who is her enemy, and the fact that she is afraid to talk to her crush, Oliver. She makes the best of what she has, even though her father beats her when he's drunk and she has to wear long sleeves and makeup to cover the scars and bruises. Her life is tough but she doesn't complain. She just takes it and tries to find the good in her situation. She is so good at hiding her pain, Steph doesn't even see it. Her long, straight, black hair does help hide some of her bruises of her face. 

 Alex's ways of releasing her pain are drawing, writing, and sometimes, cutting her wrists, but she always hides it. Alex wears dark clothing, but it's always jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and her all-star converse. She's not all just dark, she always has neon colors too. She wears finger-less gloves and the same jewelry every day-a cross necklace, silver ring with a ruby on it, and a leather bracelet from her brother, who died in a car accident two years ago. She wears other jewelry with it, like her Monster tab necklace-which has 356 tabs so far-her charm and her bullet necklace. She always has a hat on, usually a beanie. She also constantly has aviator sunglasses. 

 She is 5' 8", has bluish green eyes, and braces, which are neon colors. She loves animals. She has horses, cattle, dogs, and cats. She lives in the country and is a country at heart, but her darkness covers that up. 

 So that's Alex, what do you think of her? Are you judging yet?

The End

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