Once upon a time a man opened up his suitcase and saw a hotel right  at the bottom of the suitcase.

He then climbed into the case and went straight into the hotel.

It was a good idea because it saved him a long journey to his holiday destination which was 500 miles from home, but with the suitcase it was only two feet away from his home, as the suitcase was two foot deep.


The man booked in after he came out of his case and into the hotel.


This suitcase entrance to the hotel also meant that the man didn't have to travel from his home to where he was holidaying at.

The suitcase provided the man with a shortcut to his hotel.


The hotel entrance appeared at the bottom  the suitcase soon after the man packed all his belongings in his case.


Once the man arrived at his hotel the clothes reappeared in his case as soon as he climbed out of it and into the hotel.


It was a Butlin Warners Hotel, situated at Stoke Bay Sussex.


[b]The man's suitcase provided him with a shortcut between his home, which was 500 miles away and his home. This meant the suitcase reduced the distance from 500 miles to only two feet from his home.


Once he got into his hotel bedroom after he booked in the man unpacked his case, but found that he forgot to take his computer with him, so he climbed into his suitcase and went straight into his home. he then got hold of his computer, climbed into his suitcase and back into his hotel bedroom.


The suitcase shortcut between his own home and the hotel was a good idea because it saved him from travelling 500 miles.


The novel idea was the existence of a wormhole at the bottom of his suitcase which made it easy to travel 500 miles in only just two feet.


The suitcase wormhole was handy machine to have.


The man also had another wormhole - his large rucksack.

He could use this to go on outings whilst on holiday, saving him a coach journey, but he would miss the scenery on the way, so he saved it for occasional outings.

All he had to do was climb into his rucksack and in a jiffy he would be in the nearest town which was five miles away in only just one foot.

He then climbed out of the rucksack, switched off the wormhole and his belongings reappeared inside his bag.


When the time came to go back the man would switch the wormhole back on, climb into the bag and in a distance of only one foot he was back inside his hotel five miles from town.

The End

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