In the Eyes of Hunter

"So how do you think you did on the test in math?" I asked Riley as she got her books. She blushed, "I have a feeling really bad. I didn't get to study last night and I completly forgot how to do synthetic division."

"Aww you couldn't have done that bad. You're like the smartest in our class."

"Doesn't mean I can't bomb a test. I have before and-" Leon and his group of soccer jocks just walked by, ramming into Riley for no reason, "What the hell was that for?" I yelled back at them. Leon turned around and looked at me, "What was that for you ask?" He laughed, "Look at her, she's such a freak. Let's go guys." So they turned and left, laughing along the way. I turned my attention to Riley, who was looking down at the floor, allowing her blonde bang to completly cover her eyes, "They're right." She said this so quietly I could almost not hear her.

"They are not." And they weren't. She obviously didn't look like a freak at all, with long pretty golden hair, big sea green eyes, and a nice slender body. "They just think you are because of how deeply nice you are to everyone." Which is also true. I have never heard Riley swear or say something bad about any person ever. "...I guess," She weakly agreed with me.

"Good, now let's get to class." I smiled big and began walking, Riley shyly following behind me.


History was such a bore with the type of teacher we had. I basically just sat there and stared off as he droned. Riley wasn't too far away from where I sat, so I looked over to see what she was doing.

Ugh, she was only doing the same thing as me, staring at the ceiling. I watched as she moved the sleeve of her sweatshirt up a little to give her wrist a scratch. When she removed her hand, I gasped. She had what looked to be a zig-zag pattern of cuts along her wrist, and they looked pretty fresh. "Riley..." I whispered, barely audible.

She heard me and looked back, seeing where I was staring, and calmly pushed her sleeve back down. Riley looked at me again with an expression that was begging me to keep quiet. I did so...for her.

But why would she ever want to do something like that? I mean, she has friends, a kind family, great grades, she's pretty. Why?

Sometimes even best friends don't know the answer to things do they

The End

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