The Suicide Diary

Forever, after that day, they would always remember where they had been when the call came.  For each of them, such thoughts were so diverse:  lost in the happenings of an affair gone so horribly wrong, reflective of the work left behind, or joyous in the sounds of children's laughter.  For each, whatever was pre-emptive, what followed was what remained with them ... and haunted them. 

Wherever they had been, though, whatever they had been doing, it was what had led each of them there that dominated all.  And while it remained unspoken, at varying times in their lives, it could have been a call about any of them. 

To think of  what was now, or what could have been, took them each down a path which had started so many years ago.  A time of innocence not yet lost, a time for hope.  Hope ...

The End

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