The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Off.

A world that is populated by every nightmare that has ever been dreamt.


It was the stuff nightmares were made of. Literally. 

Every nightmare that anyone ever had, found their way into this world. It therefore wasn't a very unpleasant place to live. After all, one creature's darkest fears were often something else's darkest desires. 

It was a rather comfortable world to live in, with its own set of norms and social dynamics, populated with people and other creatures who had no clue what forces of nature had led to their existence. 

An ever-growing limitless world, filled with adventure, where creatures of all sizes and shapes thrived. You often found yourself trapped inside mazes and on endless roads. You missed a lot of trains and planes, and forgot about exams. You were chased for no apparent reason,  fell down endless cliffs and saw a lot of sickness and old age. Sometimes you found yourself naked or having sex with strangers. Crazy clowns and dolls walked around on the streets, brandishing knives and creepy smiles. Cars crashed every now and then, while often people would try to murder you. And like all nightmares, you never died.

This is where I lived. And this is my story.

The End

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