The Struggles of an Author

A look into the life of a Miami writer with dreams of a bestelling book.

The streets of Miami were bustling with travelers. Cars and pedestrians buzzed by like a hurricane. Ginnie walked along the sidewalk, taking her time and admiring the city, letting the warm breeze pass through her long blonde hair. She looked at each face that passed her. Every single face Ginnie saw had a story behind it. Every person had a history. Millions and millions of people, each one possessing a different story.

Ginnie smiled to herself, so many stories, and yet she couldn't think of a damn thing to write about.

She could see Audrey in the distance, by the shore. Ginnie crossed the street and ran across the sand to her friend. The two greeted, walked to a local shop to buy their usual coffee, and sat down and began conversing.

Not much had happened in either of their lives since the last time they had seen eachother, the previous week. Audrey was still getting over a failed relationship, and Ginnie was still dealing with a bad case of writer's block.

"So many things I could write about, and still...nothing. Everything I try just fails terribly."

Audrey chuckled bitterly. "You and me both. Jeff found a new girl."

"Oh, you'll find someone else, hon. Just give it time," Ginnie sympathized with her.

Audrey nodded solemnly. Looking up and Ginnie, she said, "You can't think of anything to write because life is just too boring...and crappy."

"Well, that's not necessarily true-"

"Look at you!" Audrey cut Ginnie off mid-sentence. "You haven't been able to find a good guy for over a year now! You're career is going down the drain. I mean, my god, you're working at the sandwhich shop down the street!"

Ginnie glared. "Thank you, I feel so much better," she said sarcastically. "Just trying to look on the bright side," she added, standing from the table and abruptly leaving the coffee house.

The End

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