Chapter Twenty Nine- HaydenMature

           Watching her walk away from me, and with Kali, killed me. Instantly my mind flashed back to the alcove we had just been talking in, and I kicked the locker. What was that, I asked myself? I should have just kissed her, to hell with who saw us. I rolled my eyes, and then let out a deep breath. When I looked up, I found her by the door. She hesitated slightly, as she peered through the window at something, and then turned and caught my stare. Seconds turned into minutes then, as I judged her expression. She seemed calm, and collected now. Nothing like she was before. I watched her walk out of the door then, and I turned to my locker. Somehow, I thought, despite everything that has happened. All I want to do is chase after her, pull her in close, and kiss her. Not stopping until every ounce of our problems fade, and the only thing that matters is her and I, and where we go from there.

           If she is willing to overlook my past, I'll do whatever to get her back. I love her, and I even though he betrayed me in the past. Maybe I should just trust Kyle, and take a leap of faith, and hope she loves me back. The moment that girl came into my life, she has tested me, changing me. To give up now, and call defeat, would cost me the one person who saw me as someone more than a great baseball player destined for a scholarship. Or for someone with a pretty sweet bike, and rich parents. My growing smile faded then, as I remembered something Airee had said back when she was upset, and I knew then I didn't have time to waste. If Kali is trying to set Airee up, I need to be there to make sure it doesn't go far.

Pulling out my phone then, I dialed Gavin's cell. He answered almost immediately. "Hello?"

             "Hey, I need you and Kyle to find Airee and stall her date." I said, shut my locker, and headed to my car.

"O-okay? What date?"

             "The one Kali set her up on, so that she can move on." I said rolling my eyes at Kali. That girl has always been oblivious as to what Airee really needed. At least, she has been in the time I've known them.

"Oh, you mean Todd?" Gavin laughed, as if his name would explain something to me. "He is just her partner Kali placed her with a t the-"

               Gavin stopped then, the line grew silent. "What? At the what?"

"Her shift, the kissing booth.."

              I hang up, and start running. I had to hurry. I'll be damned if I loose her twice.

The End

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