Chapter Twenty Six- AireeMature

"What'll it  be?" The red headed boy across the room, looked at me, rolled his eyes, and then asked the question aloud for the third time. "Truth or dare?"

Shifting my eyes to Kali, I looked to her for a way out of this. "No one will ask you," she had said. "You'll be hidden behind me!" I laughed in my mind at how short lived her statement had been. Three rotations later, and the red head over there chooses to go against whatever normality Kali thought existed. 

"Umm, dare?" I said eventually. After what Hayden had said, there was no way I would let myself get backed into any situation I couldn't get out of. He clearly wanted truth about something but, about what I wasnt sure. Besides, I thought to myself. Dares are easy, I remember one time I was dared to eat a whole bowl of cheet-"

"I dare you to take off your shirt." the boy with the red hair smiled. Then shifted atop his shins, and sat up as if I were about to actually go along with it.

"Umm, truth?" I said, laughed, and then clear my throat.

The room fell into a continuous flow of whispers then. "Mark, find someone else to fantasize about tonight," Hayden quickly jumped in. "this one likes to play games but, she cheats." the word cheats, coming out loud and clear. A what he was really trying to say, only myself, and well, Kali would know about.

For a moment, I thought about, and the decided, what the hell? "Hey Mark?" I said, smiled, the whole time keeping my eyes locked on Hayden.

"Yes?" he said.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Umm, truth?"

"Alright, here's a question for you." I smiled, and shifted my eyes from Hayden to him. He looked nervous, all of the sudden.


"Do you think I'm going to take my shirt off?" I asked. Then there was a pause along the room. No one talked, no one moved. Not even Hayden, who I was watching out of the corner of my eye.

"Umm, yes?" Mark answered.

"Yes," I smiled, grabbed the corners of my sweater, and pulled it over the top of my head. Quickly thanking Kali for forcing me to wear a cuter bra, and continued. The important issue of my recently new scar, not even a blimp in my mind. Whistles erupted among the boys in the circle. "Yes, I am!"

As the game progressed, it quickly took on another meaning all together. What should of been a fun, quaint game of daring each other to jump into the pool, or flashing your boobs, quickly turned into a contest between Hayden and I. A secret competition, I didn't see either of us winning in the end until the other had had enough, and left. And since, this is sort of Gavin's house, and he was staying the night (or so I've heard), I had a feeling this wasn't going to end in my favor. Speaking of, I thought. Where was Gavin?

"Truth or dare Hayden?" A girl a few feet away from me said. Thankfully, I was being given a break for the moment, and had time to relax.  For a while there, after the scene with Hayden and I, I had definitely blown the staying under the radar thing completely out of the water. Everyone had a dare for me, or a truth to ask.

"Dare," Hayden said, and then flashed a wink in the girls direction. I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, I dare you to make out with," her words trailed off then, and we all watched as she circled the room looking for his next victim. This would definitely not be the first girl he's kissed tonight, and it wont be his last. He even had to kiss Kali for a few seconds, at one point. By now, I was numb to it. I guess, this was his way of getting back at me for Kyle, and in a way, I deserved it. So I didn't let it bother me, and then the worse thing imaginable happened. "her!" The girl finally chose.

I glanced behind me then, and then pointed to myself. "Me?" I asked, my voice shakey, and uncertain. I cant kiss Hayden, I thought. Not in front of all these people. "No, not happening!"

"Yeah Kristen, maybe if the dare had been for Kyle-"

"Excuse me?" My reply was almost immediate. Then, I grabbed my shirt, and pulled it over my head. "Screw you!" I said, and then walked out of the room, and out the front door. My mind stumbling over a million different things all at once.

I didn't even have to look behind me as I began walking out to Kali's car, to know he had followed me.  Hayden, followed me. "Airee wait!" he called out. "Look, I'm sorry, okay?"

"Just leave me alone!" I yelled.

When I made it to her car, the doors were locked. I kicked her tire, and looked back up at the house. My eyes meeting his icy blues before I could even get past the end of the street. Perfect, I thought to myself. Just great!


The End

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