Chapter Twenty Five- AireeMature

Normally, I would be more than slightly opposed to staying at home, and actually listening to what my doctor said. But after everything that went down the other night, I thought I'd give it a try. So I had my brother bring the Playstation console up into my room, hook it up, and over the next couple of days I would set my mind to something a little easier to process. Something shirtless, and tan, I thought to myself. So I settled on the new TV series Arrow, and began my journey with him and his crusade. By the next day, I hardly remembered what I was pouting about.

"Hayden who?" I said, and pulled the phone closer to my mouth. It was beginning to sag against my shoulder, Kali's words becoming a slurred mess.

"Funny," She said, and laughed dryly. "Hayden? You know tall, blue eyes? He is totally gorgeous, and madly in love with you."

In love with me, the thought bounced inside my head. It settled, and then, I pushed it out. "Nope, never heard of him." I said, and then added. "The only Hayden I know, is the one that hates my guts right about now. Literally."

"Oh you're so strange sometimes." she laughed.


"Anyways," She interjected. "I called because I'm breaking you out tonight."

I stopped what I was doing then. Took ahold of the phone, and narrowed my eyes into it. "Kali, no. I cant. My doctor told me, I have to stay in and-"

"Seriously, you're feeding me that load of bull?" She paused, but I knew she hadn't really meant it as a real question. "Now, brush the lays chips off your Debbie Downer lap, and meet me outside in an hour." She paused, and then added, "and make sure to look hot!"

Kali had kept to her word, and within an hour she was knocking on my front door, demanding I come out ready to go or she was coming in. Thirty minutes later, the time was nine o'clock, and we had arrived at our destination. I instantly recognized it but, it was already too late to turn back now. So we got out, and headed inside.

"Oh, my god!" Kali yelled, the second we opened the door. Inside a party was already well on its way to having begun, and we were the casual girls walking in late. "Is that Laurie? And oh God, ewe! Please tell me that isn't Steve West, and he isn't holding what I think he's holding."

Turning my attention off in the direction Kali was referring to, I saw a horror of a scene play out in front of my eyes. It went a little something like this,

"Help, help!" Laurie screams, and runs through the room. She is stark naked, and her hair looks like a rat made a home out of it.

Two seconds later.

"Oh, we're gonna get you." Two ogre's of men call out after her. Both stark naked as well, junks askew, as they chase after her. Each of them carrying, only what I can assume to be, two halves of her edible bikini in their giant fist like hands.

"Yup," I said, turning back to Kali. "Yeah, that's exactly what you think it is."

Together, we burst out laughing. A few hours later, I found myself out in the back, feet submerged in a pool of ice cold water. Kali had ditched me a while ago, to make out with some guy named Earl. Earl, I remember thinking to myself. Who in their right mind names their son that? The poor guy. As if that girlishly long hair ( I mean down his back, touching his butt, long), and the tattoo of a horse riding a cowboy along his neckline wasn't enough, he had to have a name like Earl. Earls not sexy, I think it might even be my grandfathers name. I shuddered at the thought then of my grandfather with long hair, and a tattoo like that, when a voice caught me off guard.

"You know its winter, right?" It was Hayden. As if on cue, my breath caught.

I smiled, and looked up at him. Not sure he had said that wanting a response at all. "Yes?" I took a chance.

It paid off. Sitting down, he joined me. "Holy, shi-" he started to say, and then glanced over at me. I raised an eye brow, and smiled.

"You were saying?" I asked. Laughed a little, and then sat back.

"Shiz." He finished. "I was just going to say, holy shiz."

"Uh huh."

We sat quiet for a bit after that. Both of us leaning back now, feet still dangling in the water. We were far enough apart that if anyone were to see us, they wouldn't think anything of it. But, we were close enough, that I could feel the heat radiating from his skin against mine. My chest ached thinking about the other day at the clinic, and I wanted more than anything to roll over and kiss him again. It had been so long now, that I had forgotten the feeling of his lips against mine. The feeling I got when he pulled me close, and the hesitation I sensed just before he let go.

"Airee?" his voice was there, interrupting my thoughts, and just when I though he was about to say something else, the moment was ruined.

"Airee, come here!" Kali yelled from the porch. Tilting my head back, I saw her standing there. A hand on one hip, the other holding a cup of beer. I watched her roll her eyes. "Now!" she added.

Reluctant to move, Hayden was the first to cave. Holding out a hand to me, I took it, and let him help me up. The night air, frigid against my soaked feet. "What is it?" I finally thought to ask her. What could be more important than fixing things with Hayden, I asked myself the question.

"Its time for truth of dare!"

"Count us in!" Hayden yelled up to her, before I could disagree. I looked at him, and frowned.

"Why would you do that?"

He smiled, and slipped back on his shoes. Walking backwards up the yard, he made his way to the porch. "Maybe a little bit of truth, is exactly what we need right now."

I rolled my eyes, and he opened the door. "Its called truth or dare!" I called after him.

Then as the door swung open to a massive group of people sitting along the floor in the family room, he turned around, smiled, and then said. "Even better."

The End

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