Chapter Twenty Four- KyleMature

Okay, so maybe kissing her, in that moment, wasn't the best strategy. I admit, it was a slight overreaction. There could have been a time and place for it but, right then, it was neither the time, and definitely not the right place. Hayden didn't deserve having to see that. I was, after all, supposed to be helping him. The look on Airee's face, the second those headlights came on, I knew kissing her had been a mistake. She loved him, and I was just a friend.

Good news, at least we got all of that cleared up. Airee and I would never be anything more than two people, that came together in an instance where we both had a mutual gain. Sure, then, that mutual gain was to thoroughly push Hayden into seeing the truth. Hey, it worked, I laughed to myself. The bad news, once again I took things a little too far. I fell for Airee because for the first time, a girl made me see something better in myself. And then, I lost her because I couldn't see she had already fallen for someone else.

By the time we made it back to the table, Hayden had been long gone before I could explain. Airee, seeing Count tied to a leash, and the weird bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries (a good waste for fruit), she broke down.  I went over to her in an attempt to comfort her but, she shrugged me off. This time, I didn't push it, and within an hour later, of dropping off Count back at the clinic, we made it back to her house. Her families living room light on inside. I checked the time, we had only been gone for two hours, and it was still just shy of ten.

"Well, thank you." She said, smiled, and then sniffed as if trying not to cry again. "I'm sorry, you have to see me this way."

"No, don't apologize. Shit." I quickly said. "If anyone should be sorry, its me. I shouldn't of kissed you."

I expected Airee to come back at me with some snide remark, or at least throw in an exaggerated eye roll or two. When she didn't, the last thing I expected was for her to say was, "It's okay."

Mentally, I checked my ears to see if they were working. "Okay?"

"Kyle, this isn't your fault." She said. Her eyes red as she looked up at me, which strangely just made her actual eyes seem greener than usual. If that was even possible. "You were just saying how you felt. I don't blame you."

"Seriously?" I said aloud. Then instantly regretted it. I hadn't meant to say it aloud. "I mean, seriously? How can you not?"

I watched a smile slip along her lips just then, and I stayed there, in that moment, and memorized it. I cant imagine she will be doing too much more of it as the next few days pan out. It was then, the reality of how easy falling for her was, came to mind. It happened during moments like this. Where nothing phased her in the way it would normal girls. She wasn't petty and she forgave without blinking. She was everything, any guy would be lucky to have as their girl, and so much more. I cant even try to describe her in words because no matter what I say, I wouldn't be even close to the truth.

I watched her get out, and waited until she was safe inside before driving off. That was the moment, I picked up my phone, and for the second time this month, made a phone call that's purpose threaten something more than my pride.

The End

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