Chapter Twenty Three- HaydenMature

A moment passed where all I could do, was try to breathe. Open my mouth, inhale and just breathe. This was it, the moment I've been planning for, for so long. It had finally arrived. "Hello?" I called out, when I stepped out onto the grassy fields, when I hadn't seen anyone yet. I knew they were here, I reassured myself. I saw Kyle's car. "Hello?" I tired again.

In the distance, I caught sight of Kyle. He was pacing back and forth, and looked upset. It wasn't until I got closer did I hear some of what was happening. then I saw Airee, just a few feet away. Her arms crossed, though she was nodding her head as if she didn't believe what he had said. The words almost as shocking, as the feeling I got, hearing them come out of her mouth.

"Kyle, please." I heard her words pleading him to stop. "This is coming out all wrong."

By now, I had stopped walking. Whether it was for a purpose, or the fact I had lost feeling in both of my legs, I didn't know. "Kyle, I-"

"Save it Airee." Kyle yelled just then, and began pacing at a deadly speed.

"God, can you just stop!" I heard Airee say. She had turned to the side now, and I could barely make out the features of her face. She looked sad, really sad. I couldn't tell what it meant but, a distinct pain pulsed within me then. The idea of what could happen next, slowly killing me inside. "Please," She said.

Just then, Kyle stopped pacing. "Airee, I cant stop!" He yelled. "I cant, I'm sorry. Any minute now, I'll have to drive away, and watch from my rearview as Hayden has his first date with you."

I held my breath, and watched as Kyle closed the distance between them then. His body tense as if he had just went up to bat. He took in a breath, I could scarcely see it, and then reached up with both arms, and pulled her closer to him. My breathe caught, in that instance, and I saw Airee struggling within herself. I looked away, I didn't need to see it to know what was coming. "Kyle, this cant-" I could hear her voice, her words playing in my mind like a broken record. Then, everything went silent. The only thing making a sound, were the crickets and other creatures of the night.

Turning around, I treaded back to the tree. Back to the lights, and back to a place full of wasted efforts. One by one, I thought of everything this night meant to me, would have meant. I corrected myself. If it hadn't been ruined by what I just saw. I paused just then, the image of Airee and Kyle kissing filling my head. Clamping my eyes shut, I tried to push it away, and brought my hands down hard on the table. The wood cracking under the force. Then everything faded. Airee, Kyle, my dad. Granted, as of the moment, we were on good terms. None it mattered anymore.

It was then, I turned, and walked back to my truck. Opened the passenger door, went back to the table. A leash in one hand, a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries in the other. I had bought them knowing they were her favorite, I paused. I bought them for dessert. Quickly, I set them down, and tied off the leash. Bent down to the little black ball of fur, and petted his head one last time tonight. "Be good." I said.

Count licked my face, and whined when I stood up. Looking back out into the distance, I saw Airee and Kyle talking again. I smiled, bit off a laugh, and walked to my truck. Inside, the engine roared to life, and when my headlights came on, Airee had noticed. Her and Kyle, shielding themselves against the light. I rolled my eyes then, looked back to check on Count who, at the moment was busy helping himself to some water in one of the glasses still standing on the table. "Good boy," I said aloud. Backed out, and drove off. This time, with a new image in mind. One where Count gorges himself with so much water, Kyle's truck reeks for weeks after. He isn't Count Pees A Lot for no reason, I thought to myself. Laughed again, and went home.


The End

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