Chapter Twenty One- AireeMature

My mind was set as a blank canvas, I had been swallowed by a world of light. I could not see anything in front of my own self, and no matter how far I seemed to walk, I arrived at no familiar destination. Is this a dream, I wondered to myself? Then like white noise on a screen, my world was jarred, and I awoke on a bed, in a room, as estrange as the dream I had come from.

"Hello," I heard a voice come from nowhere. It was frail and weak, and only after a minute did I recognize it as my own. "Hello!" I called a bit louder this time. This time, I wouldn't go unanswered.

"Ree!" I saw his face before, I heard him. It was Gavin. "Shit, don't ever scare me like that again!"

I coughed then, my mouth felt so dry. My eyes taking a second, before adjusting fully. "Here," I saw him smile. "Let me get you some ice."

A few minutes later, he returned with a cup, and I quickly downed what ice I could before a set of hands ripped the cup from me. "I told you," I heard my mothers voice, say. As she took the cup and set it down. Turned to Gavin, and shook her head. "The nurse said she needed to take it slow with the ice. Anesthesia takes a toll on the body. We cant have her drown herself!"

"Mom!" I cried out, ignoring anything else.

"Shh, you're okay dove." She smiled another one of her motherly smiles. The ones that told me, everything would be alright.

"What happened?"

"Well that is what they are still trying to figure out." She replied. Only this time, her smile had faded. "They think your body rejected the valve, what you experienced, well, lets just say you were lucky your friends were there to rush you here to the hospital."


Gavin nodded. "Yes, he was with me and has stayed the entire time."

It was then a smile escaped my lips. I had figured, as much, I thought to myself. Underneath all of those layers, he is a big'ol teddy bear just looking for someone to show him the way. Then, the smile vanished, and a deep ache settled in my stomach. It was suddenly hard to breathe. My next question, more painful than my chest felt, as I dread waiting for an answer. "And Hayden?" I asked. The question itself seeming to swirl around the air, thickening it, and choking me.

No one answer, and I could feel my heart flip flop against it usual beat. Just then, a voice broke through the unsettled air, "Which one?" it said. Its owner not yet visible, as they hovered outside the door frame. And then, I saw him, Hayden. Step around the frame, and walk up next to the bed. He was smiling, yet, I could tell whatever had happened had taken a toll on him. Instantly, Gavin and my mother left the room, and it wasn't until the click of the door shutting sounded, did either of us dare to speak.

When I looked down at him, he was holding two plastic cups, both filled to the brim with ice. I smiled and motioned for the pink one. Setting down the other, he moved to the chair next to my bed. Relaxed into it, and watched me. Suddenly all too aware of what I must look like, I covered my face with my forearms. "Ah, I probably look like death."

"You would think huh?" he said. Smiled, and the scooted closer. His hand reaching to grab ahold of mine. When he did, I dropped my other arm, I had been using to hide my face, and looked at him. Our eyes met, and then he brushed some hair behind my ear. "You could never look like anything but, Airee to me, and you're breathtaking."

The End

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