Chapter Nineteen- KyleMature

It took me hours to wrap my head around what I had just heard. Hayden was with Laurie, and by now, I know he should have heard my message. Did that mean he didn't care either way? When I looked up, Gavin, who had been sitting against the window, had gotten and moved next to me. His eyes were red, and swollen, and he had dark bag from a night without sleep.

"Any news?" he asked. I hesitated not knowing what to say.

In an attempt to find Hayden, we called everyone we knew. Laurie had been my last ditch effort, I never expected him to be there. Looking up at him, I dreaded what I was about to say. "He was with Laurie." I answered. It was the truth, yet, I hadn't wanted to admit it. I've seen the way Gavin looks at Hayden, I used to look at him the same way. Its the way, one might look at an older brother.

"Really?" He asked as if I could have made it up. I nodded yes. "Well, what did she say?"

That, he was there to be with her, du-"

"Okay, I suddenly don't care!" Gavin interrupted. With that, he wiped his mouth, and stood up. "I cant believe this, not Hayden."

Shaking my head, I said, "I know, I cant believe it either."

Gavin, still standing, took out his phone. "What an ass, I cant believe after everything, he still chooses her!"

It was then, that the nurse burst through the set of double doors. With her Airee's parents, who walked dubiously behind. They had arrived shortly after she went in for surgery, of course they questioned everything and demanded to see their daughter. It was awkward for me at first because up until now, I had never known them. But they were kind, and generous much like Airee. This morning her father bought us breakfast at the café, and her mother made coffee.

Gavin, finished his text before running to meet them. "how is she?" I heard him ask. I stayed in my seat not trusting my legs to hold me if the news was bed.

"Stable," was the only thing her father said.

"I'm afraid, the rest is a waiting game." I heard the nurse finish for him.

The look on her mothers face, agony, as I forced my gaze away. "Where is she?" I heard a voice bellow across the room. The scene catching everyone's attention.

The petite nurse, with royal blue scrubs sighed. "Sir, I told you, only family is allowed-"

"I don't care what's allowed!" it came again. It was Hayden.

Over my shoulder, I saw Gavin turn red. Airee's parents confused. Quickly, I waved his worry away, and stood up. Walking over to the nurse's station, I prepared myself for what was to come.

"Hayden, calm down." I said, keeping my voice calm.

"Is he with you?" The nurse looked from Hayden, and then to me, and I could see where this was headed.

"You!" Hayden yelled. His icy blue eyes, glaring at me like daggers, as he grabbed the collar of my shirt. Moments later, my head made a descriptive smack, as I was pinned against a set of revolving doors. "What did you do to her?" he called out.

"Nothing," I said between gasps for air. By now, I could feel a pressure taking over, and my eyes started to blur. In the background, a woman was screaming for help.

"Stop it!" I heard Gavin cry out. Then, Hayden's hands hesitated, and then released.

"Honest man, I didn't do a thing." I said, the words choking me. In that moment, I fell to the floor, Airee's mom beside me.

For a second, Hayden continued to stand there, his rage evident. But, then something happened, and he wasn't standing anymore. Instead  he had fallen to the floor beside me, his hands masking his face. I watched, from a distance at first, judging his intentions. When I found the truth behind his rage. Leaning over, I placed my hand on his shoulder, he was shaking.

"You didn't get the message did you?" I asked. My question honest and unforgiving.

 He nodded his head. Gavin coming up closer to hear. "This is all my fault." Hayden whispered. His breath ragged. "I should have been there, I should have turned around!"

"Yes," Gavin took the opportunity to give his two sense. "You should have."

The End

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