Chapter Eighteen- HaydenMature

"How was practice today son?" My father asked across the table. His face was unreadable, as he flipped another page in his book. Was he even listening, I asked myself?

"I didn't go." I said, in earnest.

Just then, the rather large book, slammed shut. The force shaking the table, and my mothers casserole sunk inside itself. "Great! Just perfect!" My mother yelled from across the table. Taking her oven mitts off, and throwing them down. 

"Quiet, woman!" My dad yell, and stood up. "What do you mean you didn't go?"

"I mean I didn't go, dad." I repeated, rolled my eyes, and then continued. "It's alright-"

"No its not alright, that team depends on you, and you let them down. Again!" He yelled. He had started pacing after that, my mother passively making eye contact at me, silently judging me for causing yet another family fight.

I reached for my glass, and took a sip. Set it down, and stood up. It was then, my phone went off, a message from Kyle. When I went to hear it, my father snatched it from my hands. The only thing I could hear, was a few shallow breathes and my name before my father ended the message. "Give that back!" I yelled at him.

By now my hands were in fists, my heart racing. I was sick and tired of him always overreacting. Baseball wasn't my life- not anymore. There were other things I liked to do know, other people I would rather be spending my time with. "Son you will see, this is for the best, you just-"

"God, give it up!" I interrupted yet, another one of his many parental speeches. "I am so sick of you using me to live out your fantasy. You're not me dad, you never will be! So just stop trying to force me to be."

Turning around, I walked to the door. Grabbed my bike key, and slammed the door behind me. Relief had taken over long before, I knew where I was driving. When I turned off the engine, the finality of the engine shutting off, brought a sort of clearness to my mind. I stepped off, and walked up to a door. Knocked a waited for a response. The house itself was short and white. There were roses in the garden, and a familiar calm about it. Then, I heard a latch lift, and the door opened.

"Hayden?" a voice called out. I smiled and stepped inside. "What are you-"

"Laurie, I need to talk to you." I said. She was holding up her phone, some guys voice coming through on the other end.

"Oh, okay?" She said uncertain. Her voice questionable.  "Kyle, I better go. Hope everything is well." 

"Is that Hayden?" I heard him yell threw the phone. "Why is he there?"

"To be with me, duh!" She said, and then hung up shortly after that.

"What did he want?" I asked, remembering he had left me a message only a few minutes ago. Only now did I even think, that I should have asked. Oh, well, I thought to myself. Walked over, and then sat on the couch.  

"Oh nothing," she waved me off. Rolled her eyes, and then took a seat next to me. Her legs quickly finding their way to wrap around me. "Now what did you really come here for?" she smiled, and licked her lips. "I know you know my parents aren't home during this hour, were you wanting to," Her words trailed off.

Almost too quickly, I yelled, "No!" took a breathe, and wormed out from under her to stand up. She looked confused and upset, but I didn't think to care. "Laurie, look, you're sweet." I paused, hesitated, and then rolled my eyes at the thought. "You're sweet but, its over."

"Over!" She repeated as if not hearing me correctly. I nodded not knowing what to say.

After that, I listened as she went off with a vengeance. I hadn't left because I had no where else to be. So I stayed and took it. By the time she finished it was dark out side, I rode home, and went up to my room. Other than my parent television, the house was quiet. When I got upstairs, I went straight to bed. Turned off the lights and drifted to sleep. My dreams were more fluid than usual, probably because I was taking control of my own life now. As morning rolled around, I awoke to a lulled buzzing noise coming from my bedside table. It was my phone.

Sitting up, I rubbed my eyes, and picked it up. Opening the text, it was from Gavin. The message itself was simple and to the point. It read, you're such an ass. I sat up.

What did I do now? I asked, and while waiting for a response, I flipped to my voicemails.

My finger hovering above the play button to Kyle's message, before finally hitting play. When the message was over, I dropped my phone. My heart stopped. Falling from the bed, I threw on some pants and a shirt, and barreled through the front door. "Hayden, we need to speak with you," I heard my fathers voice behind me, as I leaped onto my bike, and started it. Soon I had left, and watched from my mirrors as my father ran out onto the street. His face red, as he yelled, his hands waving manically.

The End

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