Chapter Seventeen- KyleMature

It had been like a series of events, one where I had watch it all and yet not been able to stop it. One minutes this girl didn't even exist to me, and now, she was the only thing. At first, we had made a deal. One which, in my situation I had liked. We were to join forces, and each in our own ways, get what we wanted. 

For me, it was purely revenge, for her, a chance to prove Hayden wrong. I don't know what went on with them, and I really didn't care. Honestly I didn't even quite understand what she had to prove, yet, I saw my chance and I took it.

The past few days, we've become inseparable. Mostly part of this charade, partially just because. Even in the beginning she had this way about her, and eventually she broke me down. Made me see something more in life, other than baseball games, and sex. It was as much a disturbing addition, as it was an exciting new way of looking at life. This girl, changes you.

The series of events would be short lived. Yesterday, something happened. One minute we were standing there, I was watching her, and she was busy contemplating what to do next. I had made my decision earlier that day to talk with Hayden myself, and tell him everything. I didn't get that chance. When it happened. At first it was only Count, I heard. A low growl forming somewhere inside his throat, his back hair raised in a strange manner. Then, it was Airee. Her hand flying to her chest, fisting into the cotton material of her clinic attire.

She called out, and I could tell that it had hurt her. I hesitated along the floor, my mind railing with trying to figure out what I could do. Finally, Gavin passed by, picked her up, and carried her out to his car.

"You coming?" Was all he said, I nodded, and jumped in.

After that, things tend to blur. I remember watching her lye along the back set, her hair a beautiful disaster now, her face pale. She wasn't moving. Somewhere along the line, she had passed out. I had reached back to grab her hand, and was surprised at how cold she felt. "We need to hurry," I called out to Gavin. My voice barely audible against his frantic focus to get her anywhere but here.

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the local hospital. Gavin had pulled up out front, stopped, and together were carried her in. Immediately we were helped, strange men in nursing scrubs taking her from us, and quickly lying her atop a bed. "She's fighting. Her pulse is fading though!" We heard one of them call out.

"We need to prep her for surgery immediately! Get the Dr. here now!"

Two doors, came together behind them now. On one side, we would sit, waiting for something, anything to happen. Struggling, to keep our cool, and keep from fighting our way back to her. On the other, our friend began a struggle for her life. One I didn't need a secret pact for, in order to know, I wanted her to live. I needed her to live.

A couple hours from then to now, and a few well needed cups of coffee, I picked up the phone, and dialed. My fingers finding his numbers before I knew what to do next. He didn't answer, voicemail. For a second I thought about hanging up but, when the beep sounded, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead, there was a long pause, and then I spoke.

"Hayden," I said slowly, testing myself at first. I sighed, and ran a hand through my hair. Fell atop my knees, and continued. "Look man, things are, things are bad. Remember that time when I broke my foot?" I trailed off before remembering he wasn't actually listening. "I had to stay in the hospital over night, and without thinking twice about it, you offered to stay with me. We weren't the best of friends just then but, I'll never forget that."

Quickly, I let out another exaggerated sigh. I was never good at apologies. "Look man, this is worse. I'm sorry about everything that went down between us, just forget all of it."

By now, my eyes were swelling, and I was on the verge of a breakdown. Gavin had just walked back from asking a nurse about Airee, and he had begun to cry. My head felt swimmy as I clutched the phone tighter to my ear now. Images of parties where I had made fun of this strange girl with the scar. All the moments, I was cruel to her for no reason, flashed in my head as if she were gone. "Man, I'm sorry." I whispered into the phone. "It's Airee, I think-"

Then my eyes cut off to Gavin, folded up into himself. I rolled my eyes in disbelief of what I was about to say. And then, I closed my eyes, and cried. "I think she's dead."

The End

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