Chapter Fourteen- HaydenMature

 I pulled into my driveway at six twenty six, and killed the engine. What the hell was the matter with me today? Punching Kyle? Kissing Airee? Both acts in only a matter of minutes; I think it’s safe to say I’ve lost my mind. What I should have done is told Kyle to shove off (no physical contact needed), and kept walking. Instead, I let him get to me. No, correction, I let him use Airee to get to me. Leaning back, I closed my eyes. “What’s gotten into me?” I asked out loud.          

  He added, and then turned and walked inside. The front door slamming shut with a vengeance that threatened to tear the house apart. "And better"t even made it to the worst part of it all; Airee, and our kiss.           

The next day I skipped my classes, and just went to practice. I wasn’t ready to talk to Airee yet, and honestly I needed time to still understand why I had kissed her myself. I knew if she asked, and I didn’t have an answer, that would hurt her worse than if I just avoided her all together. The only thing I wished I would have known before I kissed her, was just how much I would like doing it. It felt wrong, for so many reasons yet right, all at the same time. Kissing her was like an escape. I didn’t have to be anything but, myself, and that fueled more than words could describe. I love the fact that she doesn’t judge, or make me feel insecure. I can joke freely with her, and know that if she laughs its only because she is laughing with me rather than at me.           

  What I knew, without a shred of doubt, is that yesterday after I got inside my dad was livid. Apparently coach found out about mine and Kyle’s, let’s say argument, and well, he wasn’t happy. Because then, he called my dad, and Kyle’s, and told them that if we couldn’t figure it out as adults not to bother coming back. And my dad being who he is, told me he didn’t care who, or what the fight was about but, that I better drop it now before it affected our teams groove, and I screwed up (Insert optional word for screwed up here), and ruined my chances with impressing the scout.

Of course, I agreed with him, and told him it would never happen again. Then, I went upstairs, and fell asleep. When I woke up, I looked at my phone, and saw I had one missed call, and a message. I opened it, and half expected it to be from a new number, and that new number being Airee. Her message, complete with cuss words and little emojis who’s faces looked pissed or disgusted, or both. God, I was an ass. And on top of that, I expected her to be mad I had left early, and ditched the game. But when I opened the message, it wasn’t from an unknown number but, Gavin.

Got murdered tonight. Hope you can come next week, we needed the Zeus!

Got into it with my dad, sorry you lost. I replied although it was obviously a little late.

Eh, it happens. I talked to Ree tonight, she said you seemed a bit out of it today? Everything alright? I read the message twice, and then decided not to respond. If she hadn’t told Gavin, I wasn’t going to be the one to do it.

At practice today, I caught up with Kyle, and apologized. He smiled, and said it was alright but, I knew it was all an act for Coach. Who was standing a few feet away, glaring at us. I didn’t let it bother me though. I knew after what he said yesterday, that no matter what I said, we would never be cool again. Which, I didn’t seem to care as much as I thought I would. Huh. That night flew by, and then it was Friday. I was halfway tempted to skip school again but, coach has this rule to where if we do, we're benched, and I could not afford to be benched.           

When the bell for seventh period to start went off, I had managed to avoid seeing Airee in the halls all day. Only that luck ran out the second she blew through the door, and took her seat. “Alright, class.” Mrs. Goldblum said almost immediately. “Yesterday we ran out of time during our groups, so I want you to regroup, and finish. When we’re done we will move on.” She paused looking around the room. The class was quiet, and you could tell she seemed confused. “Go now.” She added, as if she already expected it.           

At that, the class broke apart, and people quickly split up into groups of two. I turned to where Kyle had been sitting to ask if I could join his group, but, he had gotten up already, and moved over to a chair next to Airee. My mind did a double take. When he sat down Airee looked up, and smiled. There wasn’t a single bit of fakeness either, which felt like a blow to the gut. “Mr. Knight.” I heard Mrs. Goldblum call from the front of the room. I ignored her, and kept my eyes on Kyle.           

I watched as he took her desk, and pulled hers closer to his. Their arms were brushing, and I could see she was wearing another one of her more “mature” outfits again today. I cursed under my breath. Damn Kyle would definitely notice. “Mr. Knight!” Mrs. Goldblum yelled this time. I turned to where she was sitting in her desk. She waved me over to her. Standing, I walked towards the front. As I did I could hear their conversation, and it made my blood want to boil.

“So, are you going to come to my game tonight?” he asked.

“Sure, I can.” Airee said. Her voice filled with the infectious smile I like so much, and even this far away I could feel it grabbing a hold of me.

“Good, I’ll be watching for you.” By now my hands were in fists, and I was really starting to wonder if I had developed an anger problem. I didn’t think I did. It’s just lately I have been a little more tense than usual; my trigger always involving Airee. I just don’t think straight when I’m around her. She makes me crazy.

“Mr. Knight I have excused you from this assignment so, instead I am going to give you the classwork we will start as soon as your classmates have finished.”I nodded, took the pages, and walked back to my desk. There were more important things on my mind. On my way back, I caught the last of their conversation, which must have been funny because just as I sat down, Airee burst out laughing. Kyle too. I rolled my eyes at the two, and started to my work.

After the groups had finished Mrs. Goldblum passed out the next assignment but, everyone had stayed separated in their groups while doing it. So for the rest of the class period I had to watch, and listen as Airee, and Kyle carried on. The whole time, I wanted to get up and leave as Kyle wore my patience thin. He was only doing this to get back at me for laying him out.He had said he wanted war but, never would I have guessed that this was what he had meant by it. When class let out, I was more than ready to get out of there. I turned that hall, and hurried to eighth because truthfully I didn’t want to find out how far Kyle was willing to go with this. Would he walk her to her car? Was he going to kiss her? Neither questions I had a answer for, and neither did I want to wait around for to find out.  

The End

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