Chapter Thirteen-AireeMature

  Seconds passed like minutes until Hayden finally pulled away. Bodies shaking, our lips hovered inches apart. I could feel his breath ragged on my neck, and I shivered against him. The kiss itself had been a rush of emotions I couldn’t explain. At first it seemed final, and definite. Almost like it could have been our last, instead of it only having been the first. I didn’t move, I wouldn't dare to. Instead, I stood there helplessly trying to catch my breath, my face pressed against his chest. I could hear his heart beating as if he had been running sprints.

His hands pressed against my back keeping me close to him, almost as if he didn’t trust that I would be there if he let go. When he finally did, I almost lost my balance. My mind was swimmy, and dazed. Looking up, I searched for an answer in his eyes but, saw he didn’t have one himself. I was about to ask him what the heck had just happened. When he turned around, and walked off. Leaving me alone with Count and a headache’s worth of unanswered questions. If I cussed, this would definitely be a, what the hell? kind of moment.

The End

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