Chapter two-HaydenMature

        I have never been this early to a class before. Heck, Mrs. Goldblum hadn’t even arrived yet, and this was her class. All of the sudden the release bell rings for seventh period, and in walks my Career Advancement’s teacher. Better late than never, I thought to myself. “Can I talk to you real fast, Mrs. Goldblum?” I asked politely. Shit, I’d even added that innocent smirk old people tend to fall for. Truth was, I needed all the help I could get right now. I was failing, and if I didn’t pick up my grade soon, the scout from the university my dad wants me to go to (which ever that one was now, he changes his mind almost every week)  won’t even bother looking at me. Sure grades aren’t all that important when you have a batting average like mine (most of those being homerun’s I’ve hit, collectively ensuring whatever team I was playing on, the victory) but, I still have to have at least a half way descent transcript.

“If you’re trying to butter me up so maybe ill feel sorry for you Mr. Knight, and give you an A, you’re wrong. It won’t work. You’ll have to earn that A for me to give it to you. You’re not above the rest of my students.” Mrs. Goldblum said in what seemed like a single breath. Damn. I had heard coming into this class, this chick was mean but, I didn’t think she was cruel and mean. How the hell was I going to make an A when she wasn’t willing to try and compromise. What is the purpose of this class anyways?            

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Goldblum.” A girls voice, too cheerfully for the mood I was in, said. Her inferred smile rang through her words, ripping me from my inner babbling. I turned around. It was the girl from the party last night. The one with the strange scar.            

“Good afternoon, Miss Mackintosh.” Mrs. Goldblum smiled. She looked especially happy to see the girl. What the hell! Who was this girl? I’d never seen her until last night. Come on, what was her name? Someone must have said it. “Airee, I can only assume your presence here today means that you are doing well?”           

Airee, I said the name aloud as if it were a word in a spelling bee I had just been asked to spell. Only I didn’t realized I had until I looked up and both of them were staring at me.

“Did you say something?” Mrs. Goldblum asked. Then I panicked.            

“You’re that girl with the scar.” I said, though I had meant it more as a question than a direct statement. Airee’s cheeks suddenly blushed. God, that came out rude. No wonder I made B’s and high C’s, I was an idiot. “Shit, I’m sorry.”        

“Language, Mr. Knight. Language.” Just then, students came flooding through the doors, and saved me from myself. I met Kyles’s wondering eyes as he stumbled in, and together we took a seat towards the back. Maura Hummingbird noticing us, came over and claimed a seat a few desks up. Kyle gave me a grin. Maura Hummingbird just so happens to be one of the sexiest girls in this school, if not this town. Every guy wants her but, not every guy gets her. She has one of those selective “types”. Together Kyle and I studied her for a few minutes while Mrs. Goldblum began going through the roll.        

At first glance Maura has black hair but, if you look at it. I mean, really look at it. You can see some of the blue-ish tint to it. She has brown eyes, which is, well, eh. But she has the biggest boobs around, and a nice butt to match. My ex, Laurie has a nice butt, but she is another story. One I don’t like to talk about. Anyways, Maura is definitely the type of girl I would date. Heck, she is the type of girl celebrities date. The only problem is she already has a boyfriend. An older guy, he’s in college. Sometimes we tease her about leaving his old wrinkled butt for someone younger, like us but, she just laughs. Can’t say we don’t try.            

“Alright class,” Mrs. Goldblum call out catching my attention. “Today I will be announcing your groups for your semester project. I know, I know we are starting late but, thank your principle for that.”          

 There were a couple groans from kids who I’ve labeled “the smart ones,” everyone else looked confused. I hadn’t realized there was a semester project. “Okay so when I announce your partners, I would like you to split up and decide what career you will both choose. Remember, this will account for over half your grade, so work diligently, and most importantly have fun with it.”          

  Maura Hummingbird, let my partner be Maura, I thought to myself. This time I was careful not to say it aloud. That would be embarrassing. “Hayden Knight, and Airee Mackintosh.” I heard Mrs. Goldblum say. There were whispers amongst some of the other students, when our names together finally settled in my head.      

“Dang, tough break my man.” Kyle said, and slapped a hand on my back. I looked up to the front, where she was sitting. She had turned, and saw my reaction to our forced partnership. Then, she smiled and turned around. What the hell? What was she smiling about?   

 “Alright class, let’s break, and start brainstorming.” Mrs. Goldblum called out again over the swiftly growing voices of students. Without hesitating, I got up, and went to her desk.            

“Is this a joke?” I asked. I was angry but, I made sure to keep my voice low since Airee was just sitting behind me.            

“Not at all,” my teacher smiled. “In fact, this pairing was because of your decision to come see me earlier. Otherwise, you would have been with Miss. Hummingbird.” The last part came as a blow to my gut. I grabbed her desk. “Is an A not what you had intended to asked me for?” I nodded. “Alright then, Airee is my top student. She will be exactly the push you’ll need in order to best assure that A.” Mrs. Goldblum stood up then, and motioned to the door. I followed her hands direction, and saw Airee just in time to catch her leaving. “Your A is leaving.” She smiled. “I advise you to go catch her before she reaches the parking lot.” 

"The parking lot, but its only seventh period. There’s still one more class to go.” I said. Though, I hurried to grab my things.

“Like I said, Miss Mackintosh is my top student. She has received enough credits to where she’s been given a release from her eight period.” Mrs. Goldblum said, which only made her point even more clear. I had asked for an A, and by partnering me with Airee, she was giving it to me. My only problem was that A had already left, and I had no clue where to go and find her.

“Took you long enough,” A voice surprised me the second I passed through the door. I turned abruptly, it was Airee. She was leaning against the lockers, a cocky smile strategically placed below a pair of stark emerald green eyes. I staggered back. Had they been that green before?

“Shit, you scared me.” Was all I could think of to say at the moment. “Why the hell did you just get up and leave?”

“Mrs. Goldblum asked for us to split up and brainstorm about what career we would choose.” She said, and kicked off the locker. Her blonde hair, wavy, fell behind her to settle just below her shoulders.   

“So?” I asked not seeing the point she had obviously intended for me to pick up on. “What’s you point?”

“My point is, I don’t need to brainstorm. I already have my career.”

“But this is a group project. Don’t we have to decide together?”


“How do you figure?” I finally asked. She began walking away when I did, I followed. “Hello, I’m still talking to you.”

“Look,” she smiled but, continued without pausing. “Mrs. Goldblum obviously put you with me for a reason. Now, I don’t care what that is, and I don’t have to know but, if you want to get whatever out of this that you wanted.” Then she paused. Her fingers were now brushing along the cold frame of the exit we had been walking towards. Cars in rows, were like a painted picture behind her as she continued. “But you’re going to have to do this my way or I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” Pushing through the door, there was a grim clamp, as it came back together. I shivered, not because it was that cold outside but, because I couldn’t help but, see it as a metaphor if I chose not to follow her. Damn it. Today was not my day.  

The End

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