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All of a sudden, he remembered another very important factor, that he didn't think of at all. Maybe she already had that special someone back home... Far from here, someone that she thinks of now. Perhaps she feels the same way as he does now, only for someone else... He never asked, and she never told.

All of that, he managed to leave behind, and get over. The thing that worried him the most was that, for the first time, he felt that someone else was more important than himself. Of course it mattered how she felt...

The doubt took over once more. What if he wasn't good enough? What if he couldn't provide the things that, perhaps, someone wealthier could? He knew money meant as little to her as it did to him, but still... He was certain his hearth would break if he could not take her out for a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant. Every woman likes that every once in a while. Every woman deserves it. Even if she wouldn't mind, he knew he would.

In that moment, he realized that her happiness is what mattered the most; And he was uncertain if she could be completely happy with him. He never had a high opinion of himself...

He knew that, if she loved him, at least half as much as he loved her, he would finally feel the happiness, long thought impossible. That also pulled him under. He never really had much luck in life, and that type of happiness was alien to him. He was afraid to posses it, for if he were to ever lose it, he wasn't sure if he would be able to continue living.

All those questions, he didn't really have answers to, caused a severe headache. The whirlpool of thoughts ended with a sudden move. She quickly rose from her chair and leaned towards him. She whispered a soft: "Goodbye".

Their cheeks touched. He hesitated. He thought about moving his head and kissing her on the lips instead. No... That would be foul, unfair, and unreal - given that fact that it would be against her will. Again, the same thoughts swiftly crossed his mind, and as he was trying to decide what to do, it was too late to do anything.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek, barely touching the corner of his lips. Too clumsy and way too quick for him to react. She turned around and slowly left the balcony, and then the room, turning at the door, just to wave at him for one last time.

Feelings never showed on his face. He had one of those that always had the same expression. But this time, a tear that had managed to escape him, gave it away. He sat there, motionless, tangled in an eternal dilemma... In the midst of war between his hearth and his mind...

The End

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