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Several seconds that were to come, seemed to last forever, as millions of thoughts collided within his mind with incredible speed. He wanted to tell her how he felt, with all his being. To tell her about his plan of their life together. About endless happiness... But, he hesitated.

He held himself down, because it all seemed a bit too unreal. Sloppy even. He wasn't sure how she would react. He dreaded uncertainty.

The same scene kept occurring in his mind - a scene in which she first doubts his words, and then starts laughing, thinking that's it's all some kind of a joke. He could not allow that, for that would be mentally devastating.

Still, he analyzed all of the things that they have gone through in the past two weeks; All of the little things that she had done for him, realizing that no one has ever treated him so good before.

He had a gift for seeing people for who they really are. It's like he knew what they were thinking. And yet, she was still a mystery.

He then tried to convince himself that, she too, had feelings for him... That she was just as afraid to say it... But, to no avail.Every time that thought appeared, a stronger one interfered: She's doing all this, simply because she's a good person. She probably treats everyone this way, because she respects them.

He exhaled softly, quiet enough for her not to notice. Then, yet again, he stared into her eyes. He couldn't stand the fact that they would never see each other again. But then, wasn't it absurd that, with only three words, he could get everything he ever wanted?

He was never as happy as he could be, if only she accepted his love.  To be honest, he was a bit afraid of that. Afraid of having that feeling, and then losing it. Afraid of doing something stupid that would make her hate him, or forget all the good things that they have been through. Afraid of not being good enough. But most of all, afraid of hurting her.

The End

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