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Although just two weeks ago, they were complete strangers, they now knew so much about each other. He didn't mind that she wasn't right. On the contrary, he knew that she was. It's just that, it would help if she had agreed, because he said it more to convince him self, than it was really what he meant.

He was annoyed by the fact that she knew him so well, and he had a hard time accepting it. Whenever he said something he didn't mean, or something she didn't approve of, another one of her verbal attacks was sure to follow. It's not the disagreements that hurt him, but the fact that she had never tried to figure out what the cause of those disagreements were. On the other hand, he always respected everything she said, constantly trying to convince himself that she's the one that's right.

"You'll soon be going, so I won't keep you for long. I just came to say goodbye." Her words sent chills up his spine. In that moment, he felt that all too familiar feeling - like somebody was trying, with all his might, to rip apart a piece of his soul. He felt empty. He knew how much he would miss her. Yet again he found himself in the same dilemma - whether to tell her how he feels, or to remain silent, hoping that time would make him forget.

He caught her anticipating gaze; She was waiting for a response. He never had a problem speaking his mind and expressing his feelings. Furthermore, he did it on all occasions. But this... This was different. It was weird and new.

That man had a hard time remembering if he ever trusted anyone. He had developed a pattern that he always followed, believing that it is better to feel alone, than to trust everyone, and in the end  get let down. Something was different this time, yet not because of him, but because of her.

Because of the fact that they were so similar. Because she understood him, better than anyone ever could. Because she acknowledged and appreciated his kindness. Because she was the better person. Because of her character, and her beauty... Because he loved her!

The End

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