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As he was gliding through the air, he heard footsteps. He opened his eyes and left that happy, forever free flock. Slowly, silently, he turned his head in the direction the steps were coming from. He blinked fast several times, which indicated that he needs sleep. Seriously. He saw a girl, from a room across his, approach him.

He was surprised. Not by the fact that she was coming his way, for their conversations were often, and they both liked the company of the other. Someone they can share their thoughts with. Someone that could understand.

He saw her more than a few times for the time that he had spent here, but always in shiny dresses, hair brushed to the smallest detail. This was the first time he saw her in "regular" clothes, hair over the place, and with that sleepy look, which could usually be attributed to him. 

That's what surprised him. But then, he noticed how he likes her even more this way. She felt closer in this variant. He had already pointed his hand to a chair across his, although she didn't get a chance to say anything. She just smiled and sat down.

Although in a rather unusual look, her smile was, of course, the same - always honest and wide, making her eyes huddle a bit and make, only for a brief moment, those wrinkles around them, that he loved.

Suddenly, he snapped back to reality, now completely present and devoted to the events of the real world. And just in time to notice her saying "Hello" , so he managed to reply equally lively. Although he got used to the situation, he was still enjoying it. It felt good to be in her company.

But now, more than ever, something was bothering him. So many thoughts flew through his head in an instant, but only one remained... The words that she just said ended his thinking.

"Enjoying your morning coffee I see", she said, simply to start a conversation. It must have been the first thing that crossed her mind.

"I hate it" , he replied without thinking. A moment later, he saw a little vituperative and surprised look on her face. "I never liked it" , he quickly added. "I don't even know how I got to try it. Not that it matters. Now I can not wake up without it."

He thought that, by giving an explanation, he could avoid another critique and a speech, but he was wrong.

"Come on, we both know that's nonsense. You're always going on about how you can't go without cigarettes and coffee. What you just said is stupid."

The End

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